November 3, 2023

The REAL Foreign Influence

By admin

OIL and the people behind it who profit from it while destroying the planet.

Earth is a rare thing and it is being destroyed by people that are content with hiding the truth about the destructive force of oil and crabon extraction and emissions.

The true source of #foreigninfluence are people like the Koch Brothers and organizations like the Atlas Foundation and organizer Antony Fisher:

April marked the launch of the Atlas Network’s ADVANCE ‘no’ media campaign. Founded in 1981, the Atlas Network is a global network of right-wing think tanks founded to “win the war of ideas” by promoting privatisation, ‘free’-markets, small government, lower taxes, individual freedom and other right-wing ideology. This little known network is enormously powerful. Its creator, Antony Fisher, perfected the think tank technique in the UK before rolling it out globally.

Atlas influence

They are actively destabilizing the state of global affairs and don’t really seem to give a shit about what the next generation has to clean up.


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