February 22, 2024

Canadian Media Looking For More Than Just Scraps (Again)

By admin

Canadian media, everyone else: “dog eat dog”.
Canadian media, Canadian media: “scratch my belly”.

The Canadian media is a swirling vortex of hypocrisy and firings of good quality journalists and investigators.

Michael Geist documents a recent effort with Canadian media (many of which are right-wing mouthpieces) gunning for more public subsidies.

The proverbial ink is barely dry on the disastrous Bill C-18, yet the Canadian media lobby has already moved onto the next targets for government funding, grants, and tax reform. The effort, which is seemingly designed to ensure that government funding or regulation cover the entire cost of news, focuses on extending grantsexpanding provincial tax credits, and overhauling the tax treatment of ad spending. It has hard to overstate how dangerous these policies have become as the sector’s addiction to government funding and regulation has come at an enormous cost that erodes public trust and created dependence on the very governments the press is supposed to hold to account.

The balance of the article is a collection of great insights into Canadian media companies doing their best to confuse public servants and masterfully create spin campaigns that make Canadians think we need them.

Trust in Canadian media is falling apart. Having more government involvement with it will crush any remaining faith Canadians have in the private news and information networks.

Spending billions per year to prop up an industry that has failed to respond to the internet (they’ve had 25 years) or changes in the advertising industry (again, roughly 25 years) is a waste of money.

Find ways to support thriving investigative news platforms that actually strive to deliver relevant and valuable information to Canadians. Here’s a short list.

And FFS, stop letting the CBC give the oil companies, the mother truckers and PoiLIEvre a free ride.