February 20, 2024

Putin’s Political Challenger Meets a Fate We All May Face

By admin

Alexei Navalny – Vladamir Putin’s political opponent in Russia – was jailed, probably tortured and most likely murdered because he had the balls to stand up to the world’s greatest terrorist.

We have to ask ourselves: why are we allowing ANY business to occur between Russia and anyone else?

Because we’re cowards intent on repeating the same mistakes we made back in the 1930s.

People like Carlson Tucker who’s making the rounds with Danielle Smith and Pierre Poilievre, spreading the propaganda and confusion that Vladamir Putin wants us to believe.

And don’t get me started on Trump, who’s obviously being held hostage to some kind of special information that Putin has locked in a box somewhere.

Here’s a list of the ‘Feckless Four-hundred’ companies that continue to do business with Russia. They should lose the commercial license in any Western jurisdiction if they want to continue to support Putin’s acts of aggression.

The Narwhal generated a list of Canadian companies that continue to do business with Russia.

So, if you don’t like what you’re reading, start by shutting off Fox and Carlson, shut out the easily manipulated like Poilievre and Smith and keep the tantacles of Putin away from our democracy.

Would a petition help? Go to Avaaz. Nearly a million people have made this statement:

Dear Alexei Navalny:
They killed you.Today, millions of us are weeping with your family and mourning your memory.

Your courage is what dictators fear most, the courage that all dictators fear most, the courage that inspires people to rise up against tyranny.

And for that, you paid a high price: first poisoning, then imprisonment and now death.

Our world is holding its breath as wars rage in Ukraine and the Middle East. Facing these dark times, your legacy will give us strength. We will not look away while our democracies fade.

Rest in power,

People from all across the world