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December 7, 2008

Baird Taken to Task by Don Newman

On occasion, I’m a little pissed with the complacency of reporters with the CBC, but on the whole, I have to admit that they do a good job of keeping a balance with their objectivity and bias. Don Newman, on the other hand, is not going to let John Baird get away with the lies they’re spreading about the coalition, nor is he going to […]

December 7, 2008

From Media Complacency to Harper Regime

Canadian mainstream media companies are not doing themselves any favours. CTV has absolved itself of any objectivity, along with friends at Canwest, calling into question the role of mainstream media in Canada.  We see in their stock prices that the market doesn’t agree with them, so why do they continue to mis-lead the Canadian public? Are they simply mouthpieces for the Harper regime?  Or are […]