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Jim Flaherty: Canada’s Worse Finance Minister (Ever)

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For someone who talks the talk and bullies other provinces and jurisdictions around, Mr. Flaherty should take some of his own advice.

Another budget has been delivered by Mr. Flaherty and the Conservatives, but we’ve somehow added another $26 billion to our ever-growing mountain of debt.  So, if Mr. Flaherty is borrowing money when interest rates are low, why the hell shouldn’t every other Canadian?

Since coming into office, the Conservative Party of Canada – so-called bastions of fiscal management – have increased Canada’s outstanding debt by a whopping $160 billion and counting.  They’ve annihilated surpluses, they’ve slashed revenue sources and they’ve now committed an extra few pennies of every dollar earned to NEW interest payments on this NEW debt.

The biggest problem I have is that no one out there is calling Jim Flaherty or the rest of the Conservatives on this steaming pile of horse turd.  Mainstream media just looks for the ‘goodies’ in the budget and at least a third of all Canadians continue to think that Flaherty and the Conservatives are actually doing a good job, all the while grinding this country into oblivion.

You should all be ashamed.

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None of the Above – A Reboot to Canadian Democracy

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Beppe Grillo created the ‘unparty’ for the recent Italian election, using it as a focal point of the true disgust that all voters in Italy have towards the corruption and manipulation that exists there.

Of course, this corruption and manipulation exists everywhere, so it’s up to us to prove that Canada can be changed and saved as well by an ‘unpolitical’ movement.  The tools are all the same.  The demand is the same.  The opportunity is the same.

Over the next 3 years, we can defeat the current Canadian ‘democratic’ infrastructure by using Grillo’s Five Star Movement as an example.

What’s that you say?  A ‘none of the above’ movement would wash out the votes of the centre-left even more than they already are?

I’ll tell you this folks:  the centre-left has left.  It’s gone.  The Liberals are no more liberal than cows are pigs.  The NDPers pluck cash from an ever-dying union base that’s being destroyed by forces they can’t control.  They’re also back-peddling when making comments about the world’s nastiest environmental disaster called the Tar Sands.  The Greens?  They might as well just be called the Canadian version of the Tea Party, eternally damning Canadians to a single party dictatorship of King Steve.

The Canadian media establishment is no better.  No matter the political party, everybody still insists on wasting contribution dollars on traditional media formats, all owned by the likes of Bell, Rogers, Sun Media and Post Media.  This is truly a waste, as all of the heads of these companies push these hard earned funds directly into the coffers of the Conservatives.

Now, in the last election, the NDP was basically the ‘none of the above’ option for many Canadians, racing yet again to a … wait for it … second place in the polls.  And in 2016, they’ll probably be back in third place after the Liberals give one last big gush for their new idol (and appointed) Justin Trudeau.

And the Cons?  Well, they’ll just keep on doing everything they tell us not to do and stink up the whole place until the end of time.

However, given the fact that none of the above political parties plan to change their process any time soon, it’s time we all made the choice to move in a new direction.

We need something that funnels the disgust of the Occupy Movement and the Idle No More efforts to gain recognition for basic human rights.

None of the Above.  I like the sounds of it already.

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