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Getting Duffed

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A new phrase is about to enter the Canadian political lexicon:  ‘Getting Duffed’.

It’s an action.

It involves a number of steps.

First, you surrender all integrity on a whim at the behest of a political mastermind.

Then, you embarrass and lambaste your master’s competition on public airwaves, ridiculing them, breaching all ethical standards, defeating them and humiliating them until no one in their right mind will enter politics to mount an assault against the political master.

You do this because the political master is spending millions on your network’s air time in terms of ad spend for empty and useless make-work programs and grand schemes to funnel cash from the taxpayers of Canada to the country’s gravel quarries and construction companies.

He is basically using public funds as ad spend to employ and your peers to say good things about him and his party.

They win the election.

You then demand something for your service.  A Senate post makes sense.  You then demand perks and other luxuries because, well, all of your peers seem to be doing the same thing.

You put your request in writing.

Nothing really comes of it and it’s put on the back-burner.

You one day, you err.  You’re human.  You go astray.  You get caught doing what all of your other buddies are probably doing, but the problem is, you get caught.

And then you get Duffed.

That email.  Remember that email?  Where you asked for some perks and other considerations?  It resurfaces somehow from a back-bencher that came out of nowhere and then … what?  That person disappears again.

You Get Duffed when you think you’re part of the in crowd, but you’re far from it.

No one is part of the in crowd because no one is safe around Stephen Harper.

I’m willing to guess he’s got a file on more people than Hoover did.

Do you get it now?

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The Convenience of Mulcair’s Non-Crime

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Stephen Harper is in the hot seat.


What does he do?  Does he apologize?  Does he work to create any sense of empathy for Canadians interested in seeing some kind of resolution to the corruption and criminality of the Conservative mind?


Instead, he conveniently flings some supposedly pretty big shit at Thomas Mulcair, hoping it will stick.

It won’t.

See, 17 years ago, Thomas Mulcair was involved with nothing more than making a good decision.  How do you commit a crime when it’s someone else that’s pushing it on you?  There was no evidence brought to light because no crime was committed.  Mulcair was put in a precarious position, walked out and left it at that.  There was no whistle to blow on Mulcair’s part because it was one person’s word against that of another.

If you’re driving on the Gardiner and someone whifs past you, smashes into another car and kills themselves and the other driver, are you responsible for that?

How is it possible that, given all the corruption hearings in Quebec at the moment, that you could be living there and working as a politician and NOT talked with someone who’s stealing from the public?

Mulcair did the only thing he could do:  walk away.  To point any fingers when nothing happened would have made him nothing more than a name caller.

Which is what Stephen Harper is.

Why bring up dirt – conveniently – right now when you’re in the hottest of hot seats?  And – more importantly – where did this dirt come from?  Were you keeping it in your bag of tricks for a tsunami wave of defense tactics when you knew the shit was going to hit the fan?

To repeat, here’s what Canadians should ask about this situation:  where did this info come from and why was it held for 17 years?  What are Harper’s connections to this issue if he’s the one who’s bringing it up?

However … let’s not let Stevie distract us (again).

The ultimate questions have to get bounced back to Harper:

  • If your Chief of Staff is paying off Senators without your knowing it, what else don’t you know?
  • How can you possibly be running the country when you apparently don’t know anything about what’s happening in your own f*&king office?


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Electoral Fraud Confirmed

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The Council of Canadians have confirmed that the court case investigating electoral fraud in Canada’s 41st election confirmed that electoral fraud had occurred.

Yesterday, the long-awaited Federal Court ruling on election fraud was released and in a clear and bold statement, Judge Richard Mosley wrote: “I find that electoral fraud occurred during the 41st General Election.”

The judge raised grave concerns that the fraudulent calls “struck at the integrity of the electoral process by attempting to dissuade voters from casting ballots for their preferred candidates. This form of ‘voter suppression,’ was, until the 41st General Election, largely unknown in this country.”

The applicants argued that the fraudulent robocalls were widespread, targeted and centrally organized – which is precisely what Judge Mosley found. “I am satisfied that it has been established that misleading calls about the locations of polling stations were made to electors in ridings across the country, including the subject ridings, and that the purpose of those calls was to suppress the votes of electors who had indicated their voting preference in response to earlier voter identification calls,” and that “the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the CPC [Conservative Party of Canada], accessed for that purpose by a person or persons currently unknown to this Court.”

This is a serious indictment of the Conservative Party of Canada and the government that pretends it has a right to govern the people of Canada today.

Judge Mosley chastised the Conservative MPs. “It has seemed to me that the applicants sought to achieve and hold the high ground of promoting the integrity of the electoral process while the respondent MPs engaged in trench warfare in an effort to prevent this case from coming to a hearing on the merits.”

Mosley made note of their obstructionist tactics, stating, “Despite the obvious public interest in getting to the bottom of the allegations, the CPC made little effort to assist with the investigation at the outset despite early requests. I note that counsel for the CPC was informed while the election was taking place that the calls about polling station changes were improper. While it was begrudgingly conceded during oral argument that what occurred was “absolutely outrageous”, the record indicates that the stance taken by the respondent MPs from the outset was to block these proceedings by any means.”

If you are able to support the Council of Canadians effort to bring this trial to the Supreme Court of Canada, please make a contribution .

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When Will Stephen Harper Resign?

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When will Stephen Harper take ownership of the mess he’s created by abusing the Senate, an institution he personally attacked on numerous occasions when he was the opposition?

When will Stephen Harper be accountable for the countless fraudsters that are abusing the system under his watch, taking Canadians for every penny they can get?

When will Stephen Harper stand up and finally accept full responsibility for the financial mess that Jim Flaherty and other members of his cabinet have created, including the literal evaporation of more than $3 billion from the federal coffers?

When will Stephen Harper come clean and either fire or support his Chief of Staff (and subsequently resign because it’s the right thing to do), all because of an egregious error in judgement about buying out Duffy’s expenses?

When will Stephen Harper actually take ownership of the madness in his Cabinet, PMO, Government and other institutions and if he doesn’t, do we really want someone that’s so uninformed, so unqualified, so disrespected and so disdainful to the public of Canada running our country?

When will Stephen Harper resign?

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Who Won the BC Election?

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Alberta Oil.

Reports show that Alberta oil companies spent hundreds of thousands on campaign contributions for the BC Liberals.

Quelle surprise.

And where did that money go?

Attack ads.

Guess what voters of BC?  I won’t cry for your coastlines when they’re thick with bitumen.  You’ve fallen for the worst and oldest trick in the book – attack ads – and now you have to accept the reality that oil companies will bring to your door.

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