Author: liam

November 10, 2008

Undercover Provocatuers En Masse

This story just goes to show how ridiculous things have become in terms of security, right to protest and the right to state your opinion about how things are being handled by those who think they know best. They stage a fight, they pepper-spray themselves and then they get dragged away all while pretending to create a level of animosity that just wasn’t there. And […]

November 10, 2008

Melissa Fung: Canadians Held Hostage to Kidnapping?

It’s a tragedy that Melissa Fung, the CBC reporter, was kidnapped in Afghanistan nearly a month ago on October 12, 2008 . It’s a blessing and testament to the tight security and actions taken to save her life and ensure that no harm came to her. And I’m bothered by the nagging questions in my mind concerning the circumstances because I should just be happy […]

October 30, 2008

RCMP Officer Caught Vacating Hit and Run Scene

This story is loaded with all kinds of issues that need to be addressed.  SOON. First, there is the question concerning the state of the Robert Dziekanski investigation.  Virtually nothing has happened. Second, the officers who were on duty are still, apparently, on duty. Third, those that are on duty are clearly having issues with the outcome of the Robert Dziekanski situation.  The story quoted […]

October 9, 2008

Canadian Election: The Harper Conservatives Absent Again

Democratic Media did a survey of all major Canadian political parties, asking about a range of issues related to media, including net neutrality and the CBC.  The Conservatives refused to respond. Really.  What the hell are the Conservatives afraid of that they can’t even spend 10 minutes to fill in a basic questionnaire? Why are the Conservatives so silent on these kind of things?  Who […]

September 27, 2008

Canadian Election: How to Chip Away at the Sweater Vest

Steve thought he’d pull a fast one on the Canadian public and launched his illegal election campaign with the sweater-vest fire-side chats. Unfortunately, Canadians seem to be falling for it.  That, or the polls are full of ‘unusual anomolies’.  Something smells. Anyways, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have some suggestions for the other leaders that they should at least consider if they’re […]