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January 11, 2009

Media Dictionary: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Fantastic link !  I’ve repasted some below, just in case the link disappears.  I haven’t pasted the rules, but maybe we should all start using them in order to get some visibility with the Canadian public? Definitions: Caught in the Crossfire: When Palestinian civilians are killed. Retaliation: When Israeli army or settlers kill Palestinians. Escalation: (synonym/can be used interchangeably with Provocation): Any act of violence […]

January 4, 2009

Don’t fix the economy: Change it

This story from the Toronto Star was inspirational in that the real story – change – is making it to mainstream media. Here are some highlights: Neither the Conservative minority nor the opposition has proposed anything that will set Canada on a long-term path toward the kind of economy that will both provide for the well-being of Canadians and enhance and preserve the ecological community […]

December 22, 2008

Conservative TV: Canada’s Tory Voice (CTV)

Job creation by the Conservatives now total 39.  18 bloated Senate positions and 21 new seats for the province of Ontario, all in the hope that the people of Ontario will continue to be blind to the fact that Harper is blind to manufacturing in this country. And now that Mike Puffy has been assigned to a greater power , we certainly know the reason […]

December 7, 2008

From Media Complacency to Harper Regime

Canadian mainstream media companies are not doing themselves any favours. CTV has absolved itself of any objectivity, along with friends at Canwest, calling into question the role of mainstream media in Canada.  We see in their stock prices that the market doesn’t agree with them, so why do they continue to mis-lead the Canadian public? Are they simply mouthpieces for the Harper regime?  Or are […]