June 3, 2023

Fake Conservative Crises

By admin

Robert Reich provides an American view on largely American issues in this article with the Guardian.

To summarize, the top 5 manufactured crises according to Republicans are:

  1. Wokeness
  2. Trans people
  3. Critical race theory
  4. Couch potatoes
  5. Out-of-control government spending.

Read the article. Reich peels back the layers and exposes that many of the issues are either non-issues or were created by Republicans in the first place (especially with debt issues).

For a Canadian context, all we have to do is look at the Twitter feeds of Pierre Poilievre or even the click-bait ‘hit pieces’ of certain so-called progressive bloggers, most of which are non-truths are hyper-inflated lies designed to generate ad dollars and rage against the current government.

Chinese meddling with votes? My guess is that the Cons dodged a pretty big bullet because they’re likely the biggest beneficiaries, especially when it comes to tar extraction, fast and loose labour laws and anti-climate policies.

Where’s the rage against Ford converting farms into McMansions? Or turning 15-year olds into labourers? Where’s the rage against Danielle Smith cheering on dinosaurs like DeSantis?

Sad as it seems, the rage captures the attention of the voter and only the enraged seem to have the energy to go to the ballot boxes these days.