April 1, 2011

MayDay 2011: Addressing Steve’s Bad Math

By admin

Stephen Harper keeps declaring that we as Canadians have two options and two options only:

  1. A majority for Steve
  2. A coalition of rif-raff losers, socialists, separatists, blah, blah, blah

Unfortunately, Steve can’t add and no one in the media has called him on it.

Statistically speaking, there are lots of options:

  1. A Liberal Majority
  2. An NDP Majority
  3. A Green Party Majority
  4. A Liberal minority
  5. An NDP minority
  6. A Green Party Minority
  7. A Bloc Minority (yes … if the Bloc won every seat in Quebec, and the rest of the seats were split evenly between the Cons, the Libs, the Dippers and the Greens, we’d have a Bloc Minority)
  8. A Conservative Majority
  9. A Conservative Minority

Nearly 10 options Steve.  As you can see, Steve has been leader of a minority after 3 elections and this will be his last chance at bat.  If he fails in this election, the Conservative Party of Canada will be out for blood.

Surprisingly, black and white Harper can’t see it that way, nor can the media that the Conservatives own and manipulate for their benefit.

Stop the lying.  Stop telling Canadians that there are only two options.

And when someone like Stephen Harper can’t add with simple examples like this, it’s no wonder that we now have the biggest deficit in Canadian history.