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MayDay 2011: Addressing Steve’s Bad Math

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Stephen Harper keeps declaring that we as Canadians have two options and two options only:

  1. A majority for Steve
  2. A coalition of rif-raff losers, socialists, separatists, blah, blah, blah

Unfortunately, Steve can’t add and no one in the media has called him on it.

Statistically speaking, there are lots of options:

  1. A Liberal Majority
  2. An NDP Majority
  3. A Green Party Majority
  4. A Liberal minority
  5. An NDP minority
  6. A Green Party Minority
  7. A Bloc Minority (yes … if the Bloc won every seat in Quebec, and the rest of the seats were split evenly between the Cons, the Libs, the Dippers and the Greens, we’d have a Bloc Minority)
  8. A Conservative Majority
  9. A Conservative Minority

Nearly 10 options Steve.  As you can see, Steve has been leader of a minority after 3 elections and this will be his last chance at bat.  If he fails in this election, the Conservative Party of Canada will be out for blood.

Surprisingly, black and white Harper can’t see it that way, nor can the media that the Conservatives own and manipulate for their benefit.

Stop the lying.  Stop telling Canadians that there are only two options.

And when someone like Stephen Harper can’t add with simple examples like this, it’s no wonder that we now have the biggest deficit in Canadian history.

Does (a Conservative) Canada Suck?

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Answer:  hell, yes.

Maybe Canadians will finally get the message that Conservative politics are mean, nasty, dirty and cruel politics and that we deserve the embarrassment that we got today when Stephen Harper’s plea for a security council seat was denied by the UN.  (I know … as a technicality, the Cons withdrew to save face, but the reality is that we lost the bid).

Maybe we shouldn’t have been acting like petty dictators, both towards our own people or towards other countries.

Maybe we need an unbiased and non-religious approach with people like the Palestinians who are now facing genocide at the hands of Israeli greed.

Maybe we should get our heads out of our asses and start to try to make a difference again.

Maybe, just maybe, we should get back to our roots with the UN and support the f-in institution instead of try to destroy it.

Hopefully this is the tipping point.  Steve has failed the country and we need to remind him of that at every turn.

The rest of the world has told us that a Conservative Canada sucks.

Now Canadians need a chance to make the same decision.

No, wait.  We demand the right to vote these losers out of office.

Canadian Democracy ‘Harpooned’

OK folks … it’s time to take it back from Slippery Steve.


What a douche.

What’s next?  Seriously folks, we have to do something.

Economic Instability = Ticket to Privatization

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For the record:  I’m opposed to the massive wave of stimulus that’s been running across the planet.

  1. It’s misdirected.
  2. It’s poorly planned.
  3. It fails to invest in the future.
  4. It fails to invest in things that make sense.  Example:  we don’t need more roads, we need more geo-thermal infrastructure.
  5. It fails to acknowledge that consumption is the problem and not the solution.
  6. It’s elitist.  Most of the money is drifting straight up to the top (or the mob).

Our grand kids, assuming our planet is able to support life within the next 20 years or so, will look back at these times and wonder how we were able to tie our own shoes, let alone be stewards for the future of this planet.

Anyways, it’s not really the rant I wanted to get into, but I needed to set the tone for what follows.

I believe that these stimulus programs are only designed to do these things:  massively over-inflate our level of debt, ‘socialize’ the cost of stupidity at the big banks and auto manufacturers and ultimately, push all public authorities into a position where they only have three options:

  1. Drastically reduce spending
  2. Massively increase the level of taxes
  3. Declare bankruptcy.

It’s unlikely that option 3 is a real option, unless you live in California or Iceland.  The powers that be simply won’t let it happen.

And for nearly a decade (for some, much longer) we’ve all heard about the ‘evils’ of taxes and how, if it were up to some people like  Steve, we wouldn’t have taxes at all (meanwhile we’d be living in a state of anarchy with no roads, fire departments, police forces, judiciary or legal system, but those are a whole other discussion).

So … as a result of questionable book-keeping, even more questionable objectives with the various ‘Action Plans’ across Canada and the globe, we’ll all hear about the need to tighten belts in the very near term.

Expect cuts to come at a trickle at first.  Little things like arts programs and day care initiatives will be eliminated, but never in a way that would create a state of mass irritation.  It’ll be the death by 1000 cuts.

And then one day:  the big bath.  We’ll be sliced, hacked, chopped and cut to ribbons before we can say ‘mother’ and projects that were once full steam ahead will stop dead in their tracks as the Cons decide the gig is up.  That will likely fall shortly after they win a majority (which will probably be next spring).

All public utilities, institutions and corporations will hit the chopping block, raising millions when they’re worth billions.  Real estate will enter the market again, depressing our housing values and depressing what cities will tax in as property tax revenue.  All public services will be privatized or greatly modified to be ‘market friendly’, despite the fact that the market can be pretty cruel to most humans.

And for what?  Because we couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  We couldn’t decide on where to spend the money best, so we just bought a patchwork quilt of roads that will need repair again in 5 years.

So what are we to do?  I honestly don’t have the answers because I don’t think we should have let our deficit balloon the way it did.  Of course, what’s frustrating about that is that it leaves me (and millions of other Canadians, I’m sure) without someone to point the finger at.

We all seemed to want it, so sooner or later, we’re all going to have to pay the price.

Canada: A Tale of Two Georges

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anada is again being mentioned in international headlines as a superstitious backwater.
Here .


And even the Globe had something to say about this.

The RCMP response can be found here (PDF).

The good news is that no one knew about George Galloway a few weeks ago and now he’s top of the list for most Canadians that care about why we would limit a democratically elected official from the UK and yet we would allow someone who stole an election to come to speak to the folks in the oil patch.

That’s right:  enemy number X of the UN George Bush, wanted for crimes against humanity, came into the country to talk to the Albertans.  No arrests were made, despite our obligation to abide by international agreements related to war criminals.

Unfortunately for all of us, Canada has entered a new era of fascist stupidity.