May 1, 2011

MayDay 2011: Anything But Conservative (ABC) Resources (repost)

By admin

Hey Folks,

I’m going on record saying that I’m going to vote for ABC: Anything But Conservative.

I will not split votes. I will not vote for the person that I might honestly want to see in Parliament.

I will vote for the person that will most likely defeat a Conservative.

I know … massive failure on the democratic front.

However, I will sleep better knowing that ABC will be running Canada after the May election.

Please try to consider the same.

I know a lot of you out there are passionate about the party you support (be it Liberal, NDP or Green or other), but if you’ve got a strong candidate in any riding that might struggle against apathy, backlash, partisan politics or absenteeism, please please please put that aside and vote for the person who will most likely defeat a Conservative.

You can still support the party that you love by making donations of your money, your time or even space on your blog, but when it comes to the election, we NEED this to be a grand slam.  Stephen Harper has made history by leading the most corrupt government in this country’s existence.  For that, we need to make Stephen Harper history.

AND if you’re a Conservative (although it’s highly unlikely that a Conservative will be reading this blog), please ask yourself these questions (or circulate these questions to your Conservative friends):

  • If someone is stealing from me, should I vote for them?
  • If someone lied to me, should I vote for them?
  • If the party leader doesn’t take ownership of the problems in his cabinet, can I trust him?
  • If corruption is more important than democratic rights, why should I support you?
  • If elimination of basic Canadian rights occur on my candidate’s watch, will I be next?
  • If corporate welfare is more important than support for my parents or my family, should I vote for you?
  • If you’ve created the largest Canadian deficit in our country’s history, how do I know you’ll be good managers in the future?
  • If you are unable to manage the country effectively – example: untendered contracts that are costing me billions – how can you be trusted with other similar decisions?

If you’re not sure who to vote for, here are some resources that might help:

Updated Polls:

CBC Voting Results (2008 and 2006 with candidate profiles

Pundits’ Guide:

Open Parliament:

Poll Report:

Riding by Riding:

Election Prediction:

Anything But Conservative:


Vote For Climate:

Anyone But Harper Widget:

Facebook Anything But Conservative:

Vote Swapping Links (generally, I don’t see this as a solution, but I’ll leave that to your discretion):

Vote Pair:

Facebook Anti-Harper Vote Swap:

Facebook Vote Smart:

General Non-Partisan Resources

Fair Vote Canada:

Lead Now:

MPs who changed their loyalties:

NOTE: I will repost this blog on various occasions through the election with updated resources.  Please post links and suggestions below to ensure that the list is as complete and comprehensive as possible.