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MayDay 2011: Anything But Conservative (ABC) Resources (repost)

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Hey Folks,

I’m going on record saying that I’m going to vote for ABC: Anything But Conservative.

I will not split votes. I will not vote for the person that I might honestly want to see in Parliament.

I will vote for the person that will most likely defeat a Conservative.

I know … massive failure on the democratic front.

However, I will sleep better knowing that ABC will be running Canada after the May election.

Please try to consider the same.

I know a lot of you out there are passionate about the party you support (be it Liberal, NDP or Green or other), but if you’ve got a strong candidate in any riding that might struggle against apathy, backlash, partisan politics or absenteeism, please please please put that aside and vote for the person who will most likely defeat a Conservative.

You can still support the party that you love by making donations of your money, your time or even space on your blog, but when it comes to the election, we NEED this to be a grand slam.  Stephen Harper has made history by leading the most corrupt government in this country’s existence.  For that, we need to make Stephen Harper history.

AND if you’re a Conservative (although it’s highly unlikely that a Conservative will be reading this blog), please ask yourself these questions (or circulate these questions to your Conservative friends):

  • If someone is stealing from me, should I vote for them?
  • If someone lied to me, should I vote for them?
  • If the party leader doesn’t take ownership of the problems in his cabinet, can I trust him?
  • If corruption is more important than democratic rights, why should I support you?
  • If elimination of basic Canadian rights occur on my candidate’s watch, will I be next?
  • If corporate welfare is more important than support for my parents or my family, should I vote for you?
  • If you’ve created the largest Canadian deficit in our country’s history, how do I know you’ll be good managers in the future?
  • If you are unable to manage the country effectively – example: untendered contracts that are costing me billions – how can you be trusted with other similar decisions?

If you’re not sure who to vote for, here are some resources that might help:

Updated Polls:


CBC Voting Results (2008 and 2006 with candidate profiles

Pundits’ Guide:  http://www.punditsguide.ca/

Open Parliament:  http://openparliament.ca/

Poll Report:  http://www.pollingreport.ca/

Riding by Riding:  http://www.ridingbyriding.ca/

Election Prediction:  http://www.electionprediction.org/

Anything But Conservative:


Harpernomics: http://harpernomics.ca/

Vote For Climate:  http://www.voteforclimate.ca/en/

Anyone But Harper Widget: http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/anyone-but-harper

Facebook Anything But Conservative:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=26006053677

Vote Swapping Links (generally, I don’t see this as a solution, but I’ll leave that to your discretion):

Vote Pair:  http://www.votepair.ca/

Facebook Anti-Harper Vote Swap: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=86282125130

Facebook Vote Smart:  http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=26198689106

General Non-Partisan Resources

Fair Vote Canada: http://www.fairvote.ca/

Lead Now:  http://www.leadnow.ca/

MPs who changed their loyalties:  http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/lists/CrossedTheFloor.aspx?Language=E&Menu=HOC-Politic&Section=03d93c58-f843-49b3-9653-84275c23f3fb

NOTE: I will repost this blog on various occasions through the election with updated resources.  Please post links and suggestions below to ensure that the list is as complete and comprehensive as possible.

Michael Moore: The Rich Are Staging A Coup Right Now

Full story here .

Michael Moore has pretty much nailed the reasons why we have to stop spending taxpayer money on financial bailouts:

Falling for whom? NOTHING in this "bailout" package will lower the price of the gas you have to put in your car to get to work. NOTHING in this bill will protect you from losing your home. NOTHING in this bill will give you health insurance.

In fact, he points out that most of the core issue of mortgage defaults is related to people who can’t pay their medical bills.

Aaaah!!  It all makes so much more sense now.  No wonder we haven’t experienced this problem yet in Canada.  We don’t have outrageous medical bills in Canada because we have a public health care system.  We aren’t getting fleeced by privately-run institutions that won’t accept us if we don’t have a credit card.

Thank you Michael.  Things make a little more sense now.  Really.

As you can see, this spells out why the components of the financial crisis pose a critical election issue for Canadians (or at least they should be) for the following reasons:

  1. Our public-run health care system is keeping our economy stable.  Privatizing it (like the Cons would do if they got a majority, based on Tony "Dr. Death" Clement’s experience at the provincial level).
  2. Canadian banks don’t have to worry about toxic debt waste on their books because Canadians aren’t being forced to default on their loans.
  3. Canadian taxpayers should NOT be funding any bailouts from federal bank reserves because it’s not our problem.  Paying MBAs on Wall Street to wreak havoc on the largest economy in the world is not my idea of sound monetary policy.
  4. If you’re going to spend OUR money, spend it on national day care and peace-keeping missions.

I could go on, but you get the idea.


Canadian Election: Seeking Solutions to Avoid a Harper Majority

Across Canada, people are lobbying for "Anything But Conservative", hoping that we will come to our collective senses and ensure that the Conservatives do not run this country any longer.

However, every day, we are pushing them closer to a majority because we all have different views on who the strongest party should be.  LIiberals?  NDP?  Greens?  The Marijuana Party?

Our muddled structures devoted to democracy are preventing us from actually having democracy.  It’d be OK if we had proportional representation (a platform of the Greens and occasionally for the NDP) and then we could vote as we pleased, knowing that our party of preference would still have a voice in the Canadian House of Parliament.  But we don’t.

As it stands, we are about to hand a majority to the Conservatives because the progressive vote is too interested in pursuing individual seats for individual parties and not interested in collectively abolishing the federal Conservatives.

With that in mind, I’d like to go on record and suggest that we start considering some fairly radical strategies.

The main one that comes to my mind:  get relatively ‘weak’ candidates in split ridings to withdraw from the election.

It’s grossly undemocratic, but then, so are the Conservatives.

The strategy would have to be something similar to vote-swapping, but it’d be more like candidate swapping. Here’s a theoretical example (I didn’t bother to make numbers add to 100%):

Riding Con Lib NDP Green
A 25 23 15 12
B 25 12 10 18
C 25 15 18 12

Each riding has an obvious winner in the progressive camp, but because we split the vote, the results will look like this:

Riding A:  Winner = Conservative
Riding B:  Winner = Conservative
Riding C:  Winner = Conservative

Now, in Riding A, the NDP and Green candidates withdraw with the Liberal and NDP withdrawing from Riding B.  Similarly, in riding C, the Liberal and Green candidates withdraw.  Here’s what the results might (in theory) look like:

Riding Con Lib NDP Green
A 25 50 0 0
B 25 0 0 40
C 25 0 45 0

Riding A: Winner = Liberal
Riding B: Winner = Green
Riding C: Winner = NDP

Losers:  Conservatives in all ridings.

So many questions:

1.  Is this legal?

2.  How do we orchestrate this for immediate ‘consumption’ of the public?

3.  How do we expand the concept by marketing / PR etc?

I know it’s undemocratic, but in each riding, the progressive candidate that should have won actually wins , so we all get what we’re after:  The Conservatives are pushed out.

Support “Anything But Conservative”

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Danny Williams has officially launched his "Anything But Conservative" web site, a promotional piece designed to help Canadians understand the mistake in voting for the Conservative party of Canada.

The site is anythingbutconservative.ca .

The full text of Danny Williams’ speech at the Newfoundland Board of Trade can be found here:


Enjoy it.  If the Harper Admin wins, it’ll likely be the last time any of us have a sense of ‘free speech’.