Robo-calls – the incessant automated calls that you get during an election – are annoying.

They lack personality and warmth and just piss you off.  At least, that’s the response I have.

Everybody knows this.  Including the Liberals.

It’s because of this that there’s growing suspicion about who might be behind the robo-calls that are coming from somewhere in the United States pretending to be calls from Liberal candidates.

The CBC covered the story yesterday, and Canadians must realize that there’s more to this that must be investigated.  As one commentor noted on the CBC site, just call the FBI and have the numbers traced.

But is it that simple?

Will we ever know who’s really behind these calls?  Put your bets down.

Canadians probably won’t know who’s to blame, but whoever is behind this has committed an extremely serious breach of ethics and fraud with this election.  It’s proof once again that we’re all victims of a very different ball game.

I think you can guess who my money is on when it comes to who’s behind this.