April 29, 2011

MayDay 2011: Would Harper Use Canadian Funds to Privatize Prisons?

By admin

We all agree that Stephen Harper and the Conservaclones are just copies of the more staunch and obvious Republicans in the United States, so this story should be considered fair warning for Canadians that are concerned about prison plans in this country.

First, we still don’t know what they will cost.

Second, we don’t know why they’re needed since crime is going down.

Finally, the prospect of using taxpayer funds to eventually privatize prisons is simply a disgusting waste of money.

We all know that this might happen, however.  The Ontario Conservatives used public funds to build a toll-road across the GTA and eventually sold it for a song to a private consortium, effectively relinquishing taxation powers to a private group.

This is a classic case of how conservatives (the CPC in Canada or Republicans in the US) create government waste and deficit and ultimately cry poor based on unreasonable expectations set by corporate-controlled organizations like the IMF and World Bank.  They then liquidate public assets at fire-sale prices in order to ‘balance the books’, literally giving these assets away to private companies.

Don’t let it happen in Canada.  Vote on May 2, 2011.