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Analog Thinking for a Digital Age

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Wow.  Dean Del Maestro comparing digital strategy and regulation to shoes and socks?

Using this specious argument, I can’t cook chicken that I’ve bought, I can’t turn yogourt into frozen ice cream, turn my old jeans into shorts and mix my paint together for basement colours.  As one YouTube user commented, I can’t even take a bag of chips and pour them into the bowl because I’m ‘format shifting’ them into something other than what the company might have intended.

Proof again that the Conservatives are woefully out of touch with reality and incompetent when it comes to setting a proper direction for digital strategy in Canada.

Who voted for these people?

But that’s not what’s truly frightening.  What’s more horrifying (yes, horrifying) is that Bill C-11 is about to become law.  Be prepared to watch every iPod and MP3 owner go to jail or face STEEP fines because they ‘format shifted’.

Canada: Wake Up to Rampant Conservative Election Fraud

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Canadians:  please take a moment to read this objective post by Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada.

In this piece, she elaborates and calls to question the numerous accounts of Conservative-driven electoral fraud and corruption.

We must put an end to this as quickly as possible.

Pretending it’ll all work out in the end is just stupid.

I Want Our $100 Billion BACK!

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This is a rant.  I am very, very upset with you bleeping bleepity-bleep Canadians that voted for Conservatives.

The Conservatives have admitted to rigging the 2006 election and have faced up to penalties related to ‘administrative errors’ related to the In and Out Scandal (admittedly yet to be a scandal because the CTVers and Quebecors make too much money from Conservative advertisements).

Our country is being run by crooks and we’re just sitting back doing nothing.

You bought into the lies of Stephen Harper and his crooked team not once, not twice, but at least three times.

You fell for their pocket-book promises.

You voted for criminals.

You voted for liars.

You voted for thieves.

You voted for bad business managers.

And when your taxes and fees and other costs of living skyrocket because you’re subsidizing tax cuts, jet planes and prisons we don’t need, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

However, I WANT MY MONEY BACK.  Millions of other Canadians should demand their money back as well.

By my calculations, the Conservatives owe Canada at least $100 billion.

Just the GST cut alone probably cost us that much.

Montreal’s Bridge to Nowhere

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The Conservatives announced a mega-plan to connect Montreal to the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.

What a wonderful gesture.

Ooops.  The Conservatives are involved.

“This project will be funded if it’s a P3 project,” they all declare, thumping their chests with great pride with the way in which they’re helping their local construction buddies make billions on the project.

Ooops.   They may have forgotten one simple thing:  a bridge is just a wee tad different than a road.

I can bypass a road any time I want when additional costs or user-fees are involved.  I can take a different route, I can bike through the woods, or I can hike along a new trail that doesn’t include private ownership of commuting channels.

But a bridge.  Can I drop a boat in the water to bypass the bridge?  Can I swim across?  Maybe I’ll haul out my handglider and drift across the mighty St. Lawrence every morning on my way to work.

In other words, forcing the good people of Montreal to be subject to a road toll or private toll booth amounts to forced extortion endorsed by the very government that is trying to help them.

Don’t let the Cons tell you this project has to be a ‘P3’ project and that it has to have tolls unless they figure out productive ways for public transit and HOV users to bypass these costs.

Why Tim Hudak Is Done

For a little while, I was thinking that the Ontario provincial election would go the way of the federal election:

  • A big defeat for the Liberals
  • A big upswing in volume of votes for the NDP
  • Conservatives filling the void left by the ‘left’ fighting against each other

I was very worried that the Conservatives in Ontario would scoop up enough seats to form a minority, possibly enough for a majority because of the fracture in voting.

In recent days, Tim Hudak has been extremely vocal about the Liberal plan to hire ‘foreigners’ in lieu of us from Ontario with a generous hiring grant.  He’s since pulled back from his pitbull-like attack, but the message is still strong:  anything that’s even remotely creative in terms of generating jobs is not welcome in the PC camps.

Now … I just got a mass marketing call from Maureen C. from MLHL Consulting.  The catch?

They’re located in New Brunswick.  Maureen was calling me from New Brunswick with yet another unsolicited call.

Not only should this merit investigation by Elections Canada because this is the EIGHTH mass marketing call that I’ve received from the Conservatives, but also because these calls are from people with very specific personal information soliciting specific politic views (and recording them).

But the real kicker is that Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives are hiring people from outside the province when people in this province desparately need jobs.

Tim Hudak’s is all for job creation, but not in Ontario.

Finally, I have one last beef about Hudak’s lies:  the people of Ontario should know that they can’t be paid for.  We’ve seen Rob Ford get caught month after month as budget talks in Toronto continue, where he’s unable to defend the BS he spread in order to get into office.

Nothing short of an impeachment or recall of Rob Ford is warranted for the people of Toronto after his mishandling of the budget situation.  And God help us if we have to struggle with the same BS on a province-wide scale because we were too stupid to see past the ‘buck a beer’ promise.