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CIA Admits They Will Continue Rendition Program

Something that was completely denied and hidden from media is now being openly admitted to … with feedback that it will continue.

Full Story Here.

Did Musharraf Have Bhutto Killed?

This goes in the “What the F***” category:

The only thing that can be known for sure is that the crime scene was scrubbed to a brilliant shine within hours of the assassination, making it virtually impossible for investigators to assess the situation on a forensic level.

Quotes from the article:

‘There are strong indications that Pervez Musharraf was behind the
Bhutto assassination,’ said the official, who spoke on condition of
anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter
publicly. ‘There is certainly no reason to doubt that Musharraf was
behind this.’

The U.S. intelligence official also said Musharraf’s organization
poses a serious internal threat to Pakistan.

American counter-terrorism officials have said recently that Musharraf
has amassed a large force of fighters that has been responsible for
potentially dozens of official bombings and other serious attacks.

‘Musharraf is a die-hard militant with strong ties to PML-Q, MQM and
other terrorist organizations,’ the U.S. official said. ‘He and his
followers, who operate out of the government areas, pose serious
security risks inside Pakistan and have to be among the first suspects
to look at if terrorist attacks occur there in the future.’

Is Musharraf getting tossed to the lions because he’s not cooperating with a bigger plan?

Let’s wait and see …