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Did We Really Get Back $83 Billion in Job Creation

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Accidental Deliberations does an exceptional job of recalculating the loss to the Canadian treasury as a result of corporate tax cuts.

The only question remaining is whether or not we’ve seen nearly $100 billion in new revenue from ‘job growth’ over the last decade.

I didn’t think so.

Canada’s Financial Industry For Sale

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Apparently, Canada is up for sale.

The Toronto Stock Exchange, our biggest (and arguably, only) exchange is up for sale and the folks in London, UK look to be the most likely suitors.

This is out of control.  Venture capital and other fund raising efforts in Canada will face a painful death as decision making gets transferred over to the Brits.

This isn’t protectionism.  It’s just common sense.  Handing over control will result in people in two offices saying which project should we finance.  The answer:  we finance it in the place where people own the exchange.  That would be London, based on the terms released to date.

This country is going to garbage under the rule of the Cons.

What’s next?

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Shattering the Myth of Conservative Fiscal Responsibility

Nicely played by “Views From The Lake – Eh?“, where the blog author shows clearly and completely how the Conservatives are inept when it comes to managing the country’s finances.

I’ve stolen the graphic that was created, but more can be found at the original site.

Vote buying has never seemed more obvious.

Unfortunately, Flaherty and the rest of the Cons will use their own incompetence as an excuse to privatize everything from the CBC to the CRTC to the CMHC to the AECL and a thousand other useful public services.