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Putting a Face on Harper Economics

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A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a radio show and a woman called in to describe how she and her husband had lost a massive part of their personal savings because of the elimination of the benefits with income trusts when the Conservatives took power in 2006.

This family had to sell their house.  They are retired.  They are broke.  They are now living week-to-week, being fed from soup kitchens and all because a cold and heartless government didn’t pause long enough to consider the human face on laissez-faire policies.

She cried on air as she described her situation.  She was humiliated and I cried as well as I listened.

And today, the Conservatives stand poised, ready to make another economic statement, unwilling to do anything until next spring when the worst of the recession will be upon us.  No infrastructure announcements.  No mercy for Canadians who want a future.  No waiving of some of the tax cuts to the world’s largest corporations that can afford to pay taxes a little more than most people on the streets.

(Of course, the companies that ‘we’ gave tax cuts to are all going broke, so remind me:  what was the point of corporate tax cuts when none of them are making money?)


Today, Canadians will get more heartless and cruel neo-con policies.  Federal spending across the country will be slashed, properties and assets of the Government of Canada will be sold off in the biggest fire-sale ever, and Canadians will be left out in the cold just as winter approaches.

Expect the worse.  Anything better will be a surprise and will be positioned as such.  They’ll have one or two statements where they’ll make peanut butter sandwiches sound like manna from heaven, as they distract us from the great gutting of Canada.

Oh … and by the way … none of this would be necessary if they zeroed in on the massive, bloated defence budget.

Harper’s Fuel Tax Reduction: (For an economist) He Just Doesn’t Get It

Stephen Harper’s an economist, right?  He even did an MA on the topic of ‘spend and win’ at U of Calgary.

So, how is it that his new ‘diesel fuel’ reduction is going to save the economy when no one is shipping anything?

And why is it that, when you’re supposed to understand supply and demand, you don’t realize that reducing the price for something will increase the demand, thereby increasing our reliance on it, thereby increasing our already insecure relationship with OIL?

And since we’ve sold the Tar Sands to the US, where the hell are we going to get more oil from?

Christ, even his Republican cousins in the US are increasing their calls to reduce energy dependency, especially when ‘unfriendly countries’ (ie. those that we’ve bombed the snot out of) don’t give it to us at cost.

Let’s face it:  Steve does what Steve does for the oil industry and oil industry only.

This reduction will cost Canadian taxpayers $600 million per year.  Imagine what a $600 million investment in renewable energies would do for this new and fledgling industry.  Man!  It might actually take some of our business away from the Libyans and Nigerians (which our hear are the major suppliers of oil to Ontario, not Alberta)!!

My two cents is that this two cent reduction is just another kick in the junk for people who want to move things forward and reduce our heroin-like addiction to gas, even if it is diesel.

Get with the times Steve:  oil is NOT the future of Canada.