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Occupy Santa Claus?

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While there is an occupyxmas concept already put out there, will someone act on the idea of occupying Santa Claus parades?

It makes sense:

If done right, this visibility could be translated into very positive messages related to the occupy movement.  Those mainstream media types that typically slander and ‘poo poo’ those with a positive message about what occupy is all about may be forced to confront those positive messages as occupiers are broadcast to middle America.

Maybe have messages like ‘Make Gifts, Not War’, ‘Buy Local, Not From The North Pole’, and ‘Stop Shopping, Start Caroling’ to remind people that the ‘season’ is all about, peace, love and understanding and not about emptying your wallets for Wal-Mart, ToysRUs and other international conglomerates.

If we’re lucky, that message will translate to the millions of viewers that are about to spend the next 4 or 5 Saturdays in busy malls and force them to reconsider what Christmas should be all about.

The down side?  Unfortunately, there’s a huge risk that occupiers (or police removing occupiers) might act in poor taste or make threats to parade members or property.  This would destroy any positive currency that occupiers may have earned by looking out for the average ‘99%er’ and will draw a LOT of criticism from people that can’t see past the commercialism of the annual events.