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No New Nukes in Ontario Please

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Dalton McGuinty is trying very hard to erode any support he has from the middle and left core that supported him in the last election.

The latest blow comes now to current voters, but to voters for the next 1,000 generations.

It’s very likely that Dalton McGuinty will announce a massive and glutonous investment in nuclear power later today.  The word is that Dalton’s plan will be to greatly increase the dominance (and spending) on nuclear, likely to the tune of $30-$50 billion dollars over several years (likely decades).

This translates to a cost of roughly $3,000 to $5,000 for EVERY SINGLE ONTARIO RESIDENT.

This is a waste of money and is a foolish way to develop a hydro plan and future for this province (and for Canada).

Instead of tossing good money into technology that has yet to work efficiently in this province, there are changes that the McGuinty fiberals should consider implementing immediately that will put a cap on electricity demand in this province.

The first thing to do is shift the mind-set from provincial generation and wasteful distribution to local independence.

These may seem like a pipe dream, but it can be a very simple reality.

Now that they have a majority (and it’s unlikely they’ll return to office given the volume of SNAFUs that have affected this government), they should create a legal mandate that ALL NEW DEVELOPMENT (residential housing, industrial, manufacturing and other activities that will increase future demand) be 100% sustainable and capable of producing energy rather than demanding it.

This is a simple implementation and all it takes is the will to make it happen.

There is no new investment required.  There is no new cost to taxpayers.

People that complain can stuff a sock in it.  If you aren’t interested in never paying for electricity again, then don’t bother looking to Ontario to invest.  This is a unique opportunity and we need to jump on it.

Renewable technologies and sources are ubiquitous and this legal mandate would create a turbo-boost to the renewable energy sector.  It wouldn’t just include major suppliers, but also instigate small and medium-sized businesses to respond to the challenge.  Installers, engineers, electricians and mechanics – just to name a few professions – would all have the opportunity to rise to this new challenge and to do what’s right for this economy.

New housing developments would become local power grids.  You wouldn’t need vast and wasteful distribution systems because the ‘node’ approach would satisfy local demand and would in fact be developed according to what might be demanded by a local community.

The core production would be based on solar, some wind and lots of geothermal.  Most of our residential costs in the summer are related to air conditioning and most of our costs in the winter are related to our furnaces.  Geo-thermal eliminates the need for both of these excessive formats.

Houses would have better standards applied and would cost more, but again, most people could be convinced to pay more if they weren’t confronted with monthly bills for the following:

  • Natural gas
  • Gas for your car
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • etc

Over the life of a mortgage, the cost is marginalized and the potential revenue opportunity from excess power could easily outweigh the initial upfront cost.  If you don’t like the extra cost, rent an apartment downtown.

Of course, this strategy doesn’t account for existing property, be it residential or commercial.  Again, this problem could be solved with legal requirement, but there are admittedly a lot of issues that arise from this.

  • What about those on fixed incomes?
  • What about businesses that simply don’t have the cash-flow for an initial outlay?
  • How do you find qualified people?
  • What if my house or building doesn’t have room for geo-thermal or doesn’t face south for solar?

And so on.  I don’t have a magic bullet solution on this, but I’m sure a few dozen smart policy wonks would be able to cobble together some ideas.

Despite that potential road-bump, I’ll remind you that there are two other ways to look at this broader strategy:

  • Encourage local communities to become net energy producers for the oncoming age of electric cars
  • Complete transfer of power to individuals

As we enter the age of the electric car, this will prove to be an excessive point of demand for electricity.  This is why McGuinty and the fiberals are panicking and why they’re ready to dump good money into the world’s most wasteful electrical production method (nuclear).

The only way to satisfy demand for electric cars is to make individuals responsible for creating that energy.  More importantly, communities that are effective at encouraging local production will become magnets for new investment, as people will seek out those communities that are making it easy to produce your own energy.

19th century laggards will get punished and will suffer a long slow economic death.

Finally, the most important realization in all of this is that power will be transferred to the people in more ways than one.  Giving people the ability to generate their own independence translates to exactly that:  independence.  A bold government will realize this and give the people what they should have.

If they don’t, they’re just another pack of control freaks that see us as peons rather than people.

The Star Posts an Empty Piece on Vaccinations

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Before you read this very superficial Star article related to vaccinations, check out this piece, this piece and this piece by Dr. Mercola, someone that supported vaccines until very recently.

This article started in the right direction, but failed to give me anything tangible.  It didn’t offer anything to either side of this argument over vaccinations.  As a family, we opted to avoid vaccinations.  We don’t know what’s in the ‘ingredient’ list.  Rumour has it that pleasant items like formaldehyde, various animal derivatives and even mercury are used in vaccines.  I’d sooner suck on a tailpipe of a diesel truck for an hour than have a modern bitches brew of toxins dumped into me.

We also didn’t learn anything about what the Big Pharma industry gets out of each shot.  Make no mistake that this is a massive industry and it’s imperative to the bottom line of all Pharma companies to keep the mass hysteria going as it relates to disease or illness.  Has anyone ever evaluated the impact of treating a disease as it happens if it happens as opposed to blanketing the western world with products that won’t have known effects until people are in their later stages of life?  I know it’s an unpleasant thought, but surely there’s a tipping point somewhere in that discussion.

By now, I’ve certainly pissed off all of the sheeple who would be very happy to jam a couple of hyperdermics into my arm for a few weeks so that they could feel safe from disease, but get this:  I’m all for vaccinations.  In fact, I readily admit that they have been one of the the best medical treatments to enter our system since washing our hands.

However, it’s an industry now and it’s been corrupted.  We’re not people with legitimate concerns, we’re part of the ‘herd’ that has to be contained.  Treat me like a human being and show me and my family some respect and I’ll respect the community at large.  I don’t trust Big Pharma to clean up vaccines like I don’t trust the oil companies to clean up the Tar Sands tailings ponds.

Anyways, let’s focus on the bright side.  Here’s what would make me be the first in line for getting my next onslaught of shots:

  • A national online database that anyone could access any time where they would add data about their side-effects or those of their children.  Any more than 10 complaints would trigger a public investigation.
  • A regular calculator that would show the amount of profit that each shot generates for the Pharma industry
  • A transition to a public and nationalized vaccination program.  These treatments apparently haven’t changed for decades so these products should belong to the public.  Public safety should not generate billions in profits for the Pharma industry at the expense of taxpayers
  • A full and complete ingredient list of all vaccinations that are used on any citizen, along with an ‘English’ or layman’s description of what these ingredients are
  • Full public studies into the side-effects of vaccines and a comparison of the cost of immunizing the greater population compared to the impact of minor outbreaks

And stop talking about ‘herd coverage’.  The expression makes me want to puke.

I like to think I’m a human being.  What are you?

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It Ain’t Dying, It Be Dead

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It’s appropriate that The Progressive Economics Forum posted their article “Is Social Democracy Dying, Part I?” on Halloween.

I would, however, suggest a couple of tweaks to their delivery:  are progressive ideals dying and are they actually dead?

The reality is that the Tea Partiers and those few thousands of people who hide their desire for theocratic hegemony and racism under the shield of eliminating waste and getting rid of ‘big government’ are a small number, but they’re now calling the shots.

Their friends in high media places are giving this ‘rebellion’ substantially more air-time than it warrants and it’s helping to generate more mass than it ever should have.

Never before have progressive ideals looked like they were going to be completely washed away by fanaticism and blind selfish greed.

Where are the stories about successful peace-driven initiativesWhere are the stories about the Me to We kids who are helping shape the ideals of thousands of young citizensWhere are the stories about co-ops and other unique economic models (note: when I did a search on “ALBA”, all that came up was Jessica Alba), either here or around the globe to offer up optimism and hope that we’re actually moving in the right direction?

Progressive economic ideals and social democracy are dying because we’re letting them die.  We’re exhausted and we’re giving in to the very forces that will eventually take everything from us.

Are you ready for that?

We need an equivalent to the Tea Party that’s bubbling up in the US to counter this movement.  We need a progressive movement that will focus on educating and informing the public.  We need it now, or we’ll lose everything.