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Merry Christ-MYTH or … Happy Business-mas

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Around this house and when we’re out and about, we’re very content to wish people ‘Happy Holidays’.  It’s polite, it’s brief and it recognizes that the person I’m talking might be Jewish, Buddhist, Jainist, Zoroastrian, Shinto, Atheist, Muslim, Bahai, Pagan or Taoist.

To name just a few.

Or Christian.  And therein lies the extension of good wishes:  by saying ‘Happy Holidays’ I’m reminded that the word ‘holiday’ is literally a contraction of ‘Holy’ and ‘day’, so my wishes are with the highest level of reverence for what the recipient finds holy in these days.

There’s no ill intent to ‘bury’ Christian tradition.

In fact, if we were to follow the true path of Christ, we’d have a very different collection of ‘holy days’.  Read this article from Truthdig to understand that the ‘holy days’ we face over the next two weeks have very little to do with the original messages of Christ, if he existed.

We indulge, we splurge, we spend and we consume.  The only thing Biblical about our behaviour is that we consume like locusts sent on a God-hating mission of destruction of Pharoahs of old.

We destroy this planet willingly that the mythological God gave us all in the name of ‘Christmas’.

What we ‘enjoy’ today over the holidays is nothing like what the early Christians experience, except perhaps never-ending persecution by the Romans (Americans) over the rest of the world as they tried to get by and work with tax authorities to ensure proper collection of what’s due to the high rulers.

What we do today is spread the word of Christ-myth, a collection of stories and histories pilfered from other organized (and not so organized) religions around the world.  Observation and a break over the next two weeks originate with Saturnalia.  The evergreen in our livingroom is not a Christmas tree, but a symbol of green returning to our lives now that the days are getting longer.  December 25 is only the first day on which days are noticeably longer and, per the Sheldon quote above, if Christ did exist, he wasn’t born now, but in the spring.

Alternatively, as the Holy Days wind down, we engage in a free-for-all expansion of debt per capita on largely disposable crap in a period of the year I call ‘Business-mas’.  These are the twilight days of the calendar year where retailers have just moments left to make or break their whole year.

So, if you’re into commerce, like the buffoons and Fox and other right-wing propaganda networks are, open your wallet and spread the joy in the coming days of Business-mas.

Endless credit adds a whole new definition to the word ‘ever green’.

Your tax man will appreciate it!

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Another $220 Million Down the Tubes

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Our provincial government has blindly committed $220 million to a big company!!

Let’s celebrate!

Nothing trumps doing the right thing than a big airy announcement about 1,700 hundred ‘potential’ jobs!  And nothing will pump the big bonuses of some company somewhere like a public handout!

Wait a second.  Aren’t corporations the biggest recipients of public welfare?  Add up all of the public spending on subsidies, grants and loans to corporations and you get billions more than are ever spent on voters.

So why the handouts?

Haven’t people like Kathleen Wynne learned that companies take the money and RUN?

Haven’t they learned from companies like Electro-Motive, Caterpillar, GM and dozens of other cash-guzzling entities that money spent is a little like paying for beer?  You just rent their name for a short time and then you get pissed on?

Please, people.  Wake up and stop wasting taxpayer funds on corporations.

I know you’re desperate for some attention and love and big ‘ribbon cutting ceremonies’, but enough is enough.

They don’t love us and we should start thinking the same way.

Put the money into small businesses around the province that are committed to doing things on a local basis and that won’t nickel and dime every potential local supplier into oblivion.

Then maybe your investments will make a difference.

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Canada Post: Deflection Perfection

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The Cons really have whipped Canadians into a shit storm of anxiety about Canada Post and the coming cuts that everyone will have to bear.

AKA Deflection Perfection.

No one is talking about the criminals that are running Parliament into the ground.  No one is engaging in gossip about the latest detail of the Senate scandal.  No critical questions of Jim Flaherty’s complete incompetence with managing the federal budget.  Robocalls have been completely forgotten.

Not even Rob Ford merits a 20+ font type in the headlines.

Only Canada Post is being discussed today, tomorrow and for weeks to come because not only were the cuts announced as part of a strategy to say ‘flip you’ to the urban voters that DON’T vote for Conservatives, but it will be an intrinsic part of their campaign and political ammunition for several years to come.

What makes the whole issue perfect is that it’s not even being tied to the government.  All news speaks to the ‘Crown Corporation strategy to adapt’ with no ownership on the part of our federal ‘leaders’.

Bravo, Steve.  Bravo.

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The (Distilled) Politics of the Canada Post Cuts

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Many people are saying it’s the end of the Conservatives, but the politics of the Canada Post cuts speak to the core of their rural, ‘woe is me’, base.

The distilled version of the cuts:

  1. A solid F-U to the unions that operate from Canada Post
  2. A massive flip of the bird to the urban population of Canada, most of which doesn’t vote for the Conservatives
  3. A consolidation of votes in the rural areas that have lived without consistent Canada Post services

C’mon people:  don’t suggest that there’s something CON-spiratorial here, but don’t give them any credit either.

The Cons are just doing what Cons do.  Cut without vision, lead without leadership.  Cuts to Canada Post were inevitable and I’m glad it’s the Cons who are doing it.

What are the rest of us to do?  Let’s accept the reality that Canada Post has only existed for the past 30 years or so as a gravy train for mass marketers and cut them off.

Let’s instead develop a vision for Canada Post and other public institutions that might actually speak to a strategy for the 21st century.

Let’s build instead of destroying.

Let’s take all of these antiquated institutions and come out swinging against the REAL organizations that are controlling our society and economy:  the media companies.

Let’s create a public ISP that will compete with Bell and Rogers and that will offer wireless services to everyone, anywhere.

THAT’S vision.

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Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

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The man who was a terrorist
Became a hero
And passes into legend.
I am glad to have lived while you lived.

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