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Bieber = Music Industry Fail

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We know the music industry is getting desperate and spiraling into massive fail mode when they throw their artists under the bus.

Justin Bieber’s staged arrest seems to be the only way the kid can get attention – and his makers ensure they get some much needed publicity from their big star.

He’s just one of many music artists that are being forced by their managers and handlers to take more risks, get more free publicity and – hopefully – sales.

As Bieber was arrested, what did he do?  Did he lament the crimes he committed?  Did he show shame for the embarrassment that he’s become?  Did he even say ‘hey kids, don’t do what I did’?


He promoted his new video that was released last night as he did his so-called walk of shame.

What kind of icon is that for our kids?

I’d like to call Bieber a douche, but I really don’t think he knows what he’s doing.  He’s just being used by higher-ups who staged the whole thing so that they could get endless airplay.

And the CBC for making all of this noise their headline story when so much more important news surrounds us?

Shame on you.  You fell right into the trap.

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What’s Happening at the CFIA? And the CBC?

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Recently, the CBC reported that the CFIA has found significant issues with organic food.  In particular, they have reported to the CBC that many foods labeled as ‘organic’ may have been tainted with pesticides.

However, today it seems as though the CFIA has NOT properly investigated their own claims and the CBC is now running around trying to get to the bottom of this story (apparently).

Which begs the questions:  WTF is going on with the CFIA and WTF is going on with the CBC?

There are many issues with this:

  1. Why is the CBC simply narrating the story from the CFIA without adequately researching the issues?
  2. Why is the CFIA reporting potentially misleading results concerning organic food when their research on the issue appears to be incomplete?

I would suggest it’s safe to say that the combined actions of these two organizations have jeopardized the credibility of the still emerging ‘organic’ market.  What appears like disrespect for the public has raised many questions about the intelligence of those who insist on buying organic (including myself).

As a consumer, I honestly don’t know what to do, but it’s imperative that the CFIA get its act together and truthfully report what’s actually happening in the organic business, particularly as it relates to produce, dairy and meat.

If they don’t, a multi-billion ‘industry’ and certainly a lifestyle will be put at risk.

And if they don’t, I come back to asking what this all means?  Is the CFIA acting against the better interests of those Canadians who want to find and purchase unadulterated foods?  Why a little more outlandish, is the petro-chem industry complaining to the CFIA that pesticides are on the wain because of the significant growth of organic farming in Canada and this is how they respond?  Or is the corporate food industry finding that local and independent food producers are putting a ding in their profits?

The whole thing is a mystery, but unfortunately, the damage has been done.  Recovery will be a steep climb.

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Internet: 1960s-2014, RIP

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News is emerging slowly about a very important decision that was made yesterday in the US Federal Court of Appeals.

In the ruling this week of the case Verizon vs. FCC, the US Court of Appeals has declared that net neutrality is a basic tenet of the Internet that no longer needs to be adhered to.


The open Internet has effectively been closed.

What this means is that companies like AT&T no longer have to provide universal access to all online content, regardless of origin, quality, source and so on.

What this means is that we have just entered a new age for the Internet, where corporate-sponsored content will crush independent content with a tsunami wave of binary code.

Many sites will simply be blocked by their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States.

YouTube, Skype, Netflix and other services that compete with traditional distribution services will suffer, as larger telecom companies strangle the Internet or charge for access.

While an appeal is likely, this is a bad sign that the Internet as we know it is dead.

What does this mean for Canada?  Expect the same here.  It’s just  a matter of time before we have a two-tiered system emerges in Canada.

The solution?  My position and belief is that at the moment, policy makers are not motivated to change rules in favour of the public, despite promises of the Conservatives to do so (much like their promises of accountability and transparency).  However, those of us who are interested in an open Internet need to get together ASAP to organize lobbying, political pressure and public awareness about the benefits of the Internet as a public utility that has a mandate of keeping the Internet ‘open’.  In the interim, be sure to sign up with those committed to Net Neutrality, like TekSavvy.

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Stephen Harper Declares War on Canada?

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And Canadians?

In describing his visit to the Middle East, many narrators (aka reporters) made various dithering comments about his token visit to the Palestinians, but simply referenced the press release at hand and talked about his great visit to Israel.  To suck up, that is.

And yes, if Stephen Harper has his way, that last comment makes me an anti-semite, but guess what?  I’m not.  For the record, I believe that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians and I don’t endorse that.  Nor should any other Canadian or human being, for that matter.

And I have zero respect for a group of people that were treated so miserably at one point in their history only to turn that around on another group of people.


The real question I have is why our Canadian leaders have strayed so impossibly far from any kind of balanced approach to Middle Eastern affairs.  Are we simply void of any critical reasoning and good judgement when it comes to our ‘making friends and influence people’, as Dale Carnegie once said?

I’m truly looking for answers, as are all of us.

Is this just another strategy of the right to pull us to the right, regardless of what’s, well … right?

When Stephen Harper stood up in the Knesset today and firmly declared unilateral support for Israel without even remotely indicating that what they’re doing in the Middle East is wrong, didn’t he effectively declare war on Canada?

Every true anti-semite around the world, especially those who are members of the non-Jewish or non-Israeli populations in the region, who despise what Israel is doing in the Middle East will have very clear and obvious evidence that Canada is biased against them after today’s antics of Stephen Harper.  And just like the US became a target as their presence and misbehaviour in the Middle East began after the Second World War, we too have just become a target because of Stephen Harper’s failure to be unbiased.

As a final afterthought, what take-away should negotiators with the First Nations people have after Stephen Harper clearly showed that he is with those with might rather than those who are right?  If we can’t look at the Israel-Palestine situation objectively without resorting to name calling and racial stereotypes, how can we ever possibly trust the Harper Government to treat First Nations people fairly?

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Neil Young Rocks

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Neil Young has raised a big stink lately with his observations about the Tar Sands.

In particular, he compared them to the nuclear waste of Hiroshima.

Many have taken umbrage with this comparison, but I would argue that it is quite apt.  The massive destruction imposed by one group of humans upon another group of humans is comparable to the Tar Sands because the Tar Sands show a similar neglect and willful destruction of our planet and the people that live on it.

Bravo Neil.  Bravo.

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