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Malaysian Plane: They Might As Well Be Looking For Santa Claus

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The complete and utter failure of the trillions of dollars spent on the security establishment and invasion our private lives is being repeated every time I hear an ‘update’ about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Every time I dumped a small bottle of water, it was a waste.

Every time someone told me there was something wrong with my toothpaste, it was a farce.

Every time I unbuckled my pants and walked shoeless across metal detectors, it was obviously a facade.

Flight MH370 is a painful reminder that in the grand scheme of things, if someone if committed to interfering with our lives, they will do it, regardless of the impediments.

And I’m not talking about terrorists.  I’m talking about the people that have taken over our lives.

The mega-security companies, SCEC spying and data swaps of companies like Google with the NSA all remind us that we are being watched, but for the wrong reasons.

Flight MH370 reminds us that ‘free’ is a four-letter word to our rulers.

And the search?  They might as well declare that they’re looking for Santa Claus because this how truly embarrassing the whole thing has become.

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Ukraine – U Lose

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I’m still trying to figure out this whole Ukraine thing and why Western leaders are so quick to support the current Ukraine government over that of those in Crimea.

The current Ukraine government has not been officially elected.

A democratically elected government was overthrown by a non-democratically elected group of people, many known for their fascist tendencies.  There is speculation this was done with the help of US/EU insiders.

We’re also starting to see early signs of the financial rape of the Ukraine.  Was it the previous government that expropriated funds or is the current government cooking the books to throw more blame on their takeover targets?  To what extent can you blame a current situation on the previous ‘management’ (like Harper has been for the last decade)?

Turning to Crimea, we’ve seen that a democratic referendum in Crimea is NOT being recognized by the Western world.

What is going on here?

Why are our leaders being so obstinate and obtuse when it comes to the simple measures that they pretend to uphold?

Why do they speak about democracy and turn their backs on inconvenient realities – takeovers good, elections bad?

Why are we tolerating this BS and why is the media simply narrating the ‘official’ outline from our governments?

The reality is that this is a power play over gas and oil.  Much like the takeover of Afghanistan and surrounding areas were completed to secure gas lines, the Ukraine stands between the EU and Russia (who is threatening to pull the plug on gas and oil to the EU).

Sit with fascists to protect your energy resources – good.

Protect the rights of Ukrainians who will now have to suffer the consequences of a fascist coup in the Ukraine – bad.

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Boycotting the SUN?

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It’s been about a week now, but for those who need a reminder, Pierre Carl Peledeau – master manipulator and controller of SUN Media – has announced that he is a separatist.

So now, Canadians have a choice:  do you buy and support any publications, shows and other content that benefits Peledeau and his efforts to dismantle Canada, or do we simply lie down and let him rip the country to shreds?

This is a list of all SUN Media publications and media outlets.

Cut them from your media diet immediately and send SUN a message.

And if you’re working for a SUN Media outlet?  Ask yourself:  are you a separatist like Peledeau or are you interested in the continuance of Canada as a country?

I’ve attached a full list of any publications related to the SUN Media network.  This does not include additional subsidiaries of the vast and influential Quebecor chain of media and technology companies.

Boycott all of them.

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The Complete Waste of the Security Establishment

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The disappearance of a massive, hard-to-miss, airliner over the seas and shores of Asia has a lot of people scratching their noodle.

Which begs the question:  what’s the point of the endless treatment like children as we make a jump from point A to point B, unbuckling our pants, having complete strangers probe us where only paid complete strangers are asked to probe us, taking off our shoes and dumping out our 500ml of water just to get on a plane that will completely vapourize over the skies?

Since 9/11, trillions of dollars have been clearly thrown away on the establishment of a security environment to keep us under control, but not safe.

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has baffled the planet and has clearly proven that all of these invasive measures have been pointless.

We’ve made billionaires out of the likes of Erik Prince and hundreds of other testosterone-induced megalomaniacs determined to spread Christianity around the world, but we’re still not safe from someone flicking a switch and turning off tracking on a commercial airliner.

‘Western’ governments have plunged us all into a constant state of paranoia and have spent trillions of public money on these libertarians who say they’re here to protect us, but let’s face the truth:  we’re being corralled and we’re being duped.

I don’t know about you, but I want my money back.

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Canada’s Brittle Energy Infrastructure

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Yesterday, Enbridge had the audacity to announce that natural gas prices in Ontario will increase 40% if the Ontario government allows it to do so.

I say FU to Enbridge, but then my opinion usually doesn’t matter much, nor do the rights of consumers of Ontario when it comes to a reliable energy supply.  Some bigwig somewhere in the high rooms of our regulators is probably having surf and turf served up with the best Margaux all on the corporate credit card of some sales dude with the big energy company, and the din of our complaints will be drowned out by their laughter and vast, deep cushions of money between us and them.

Once again … the threat of a price increase like this will crush any economic recovery in Ontario and the rest of the East to the benefit of Alberta.

This is how sad our country has become.  It the West gains, the East loses and vice versa.

Our energy infrastructure is clearly too brittle to handle a cold Canadian climate.

How did that happen?  How did planning and foresight become so mismanaged that an extra few weeks of cold have resulted in the biggest price increase since the oil shocks of the 1970s?

Why are we risking putting restaurant owners and cafes, retailers, mom and pop shops, manufacturers and other businesses OUT OF BUSINESS because someone forgot to check to see how much we had for gas reserves?

This is truly sad.

We are a NET PRODUCER OF ENERGY in this country and we’re being threatened with a 40% increase in ENERGY prices?  Am I the only one who’s shaking his head in disbelief this morning on hearing this news?

This gigantic rip off begs a solution.  We need to address and change Ontario’s desperate energy infrastructure and quickly.  We need to implement solar, wind, geothermal, methane treatment, tree burning if we have to, but we cannot be told that we not have a choice between eating and heat.

If we don’t, we’ll all be digging in Alberta’s Tar Sands, pumping gas to the Chinese.

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