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An Exxon Valdex EVERY WEEK

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Back in the day when we gave a shit about things, the wreckage and subsequent spillage from the Exxon Valdez in 1989 really got under our skin.

At the time, 11 million gallons (about 42 million litres) really felt like things couldn’t possibly get worse.

Welcome to the world of today, where the Tar Sands rule this country.

Today, a subset of Environment Canada released a report stating matter of factly that about 6.5 million litres of waste escape from ONE tailings pond in the Tar Sands region into the Athabaska River.



From ONE tailings pond.

I did a quick search to see just how many more there were 77 square kilometres of tailings ponds, although there didn’t seem to be a lot of ‘shouting from the rooftops’ about the actual number in existence.

Wake up people.  We should be horrified by this atrocity, but we just don’t seem to care.

PS Don’t be surprised to find this department to be closed damn soon, the authors begging for tuna sandwiches in downtown Vancouver in a few months and the report to vaporize in the book kilns of our Fascist leaders.

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What Canadians Aren’t Reading About Keystone XL Pipeline

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I’ve always admired the journalistic integrity of Bill Moyers.

He’s been a professional over several decades and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop any time soon.

For all the narrators out their pretending their journalists (in Canada and elsewhere), you could easily learn a thing or two about truth in reporting from Bill Moyers.

And so, we come to this page where a series of ongoing articles report on the Keystone XL pipeline, along with many other stories about oil politics.

For example, did anyone in Canada report that there were nationwide protests in the US against Keystonejust this past week?

Or that Keystone might create a whopping 35 jobs in North America?

Or that the US State Department’s Inspector General’s office has launched an investigation into potential conflicts of interest among the contractors that conducted the study?

Our narrators are lying to us because they don’t think about the finely tuned PR that’s shoved under their noses every day.

There’s a LOT of dislike, protest and upset about Keystone XL and it’s time Canadians dig a little deeper to understand that it’s not the good news story that the Cons are ramming down our throats.


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Corporate Canada: If you can’t get handouts, ask for more rules

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I’m so saddened, frustrated, angered and annoyed at hearing corporate Canada (and America) running around begging for handouts from our various levels of government.

The latest two examples:

To both, I say ‘stuff it’.  Get a job.  Raise the funds on your own dime.  Stop begging for protection when you don’t need it.

The use of public funds and regulations should have a single purpose:  increase public good or protect the public from harm.

Do more cars on the road or tighter rules on our digital use increase public good?  Do proposed rules protect us from harm?


Let’s look at Canadian Media Production Association ‘issue’.

Netflix – hobbled as it already is by existing regulations and restrictions – has opened up incredible worlds of access, content, control and enjoyment for millions of Canadian households.

The Canadian Media Production Association wants our joy to end.

They want endless subsidies and grants for more mediocre content and control over what we view.

I honestly don’t hear Canadians asking for more ill-conceived rules and regulations to control our digital lives.

I say F. U.

Your usefulness, questionable from the get-go, has passed.

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My thoughts on Chrysler’s Wish List for Windsor.

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You’re a public company.  You have shareholders.  Raise funds on the market.

If you can’t, close your doors and give someone a kick at the can.

Stop coming to weak-willed governments with your cap in hand looking for handouts.

The Government of Ontario should focus on taking cars OFF the road, not putting more cars ON the road.

$400 million would make a pretty nice deposit on a public transit system for any medium to large city in Ontario, so FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD, please do not throw it away on a bunch of corporate stooges that can’t run their business.

There.  You’ve got my thoughts on what to do with the situation in Windsor.

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Doublespeak (or Deception)

The Conservative Doublespeak has been ratcheted up beyond any level I can recall.

The Bullying Bill, where all citizens will be monitored, regardless of what their activities are.

The ‘Fair Election Act’, where our Electoral Officers will no longer be able to question activities designed to manipulate elections.

The ‘Budget’, where money and balance sheets aren’t calculated, but the political implications of altering relationships of trustworthy institutions that oppose the filth running our government, like environmental groups, are.

And our MSM isn’t calling them on it, mainly because of the absurd and sad distraction of and obsession with the Olympics (am I the only one that saw ‘Gladiator’?  I know it ends poorly for the bad guy, but I know Harper won’t get drawn into any battles with his adversaries.  He’s too clever for that.).

They just keep narrating the bullet points delivered by the PMO.

All of these bills create broader powers of control for the PMO downwards and all of them make more and more Canadian citizens criminals, simply because of their beliefs and their interests.

Under Stephen Harper, Canada has become a fascist, petro-state run by corporations, with criminals acting as the political mouthpiece.

In other words, Canada’s f’ed, folks.

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