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Why Is The Clinton Foundation Receiving Donations From Foreign Affairs?

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Yes, up to $500,000 of Canadian taxpayer dollars went to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that Hillary and the ex-President both have a hand in managing.

While it’s not 100% clear if Hillary will run for President in 2016, the source had this to say about the donation from Foreign Affairs Canada:

The donation from the agency supporting Keystone XL could come into question, as it has been a hot-button political issue in the US. A bill that would allow construction of the pipeline – which would carry oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada to the US Gulf Coast – has passed Congress and awaits the President Barack Obama’s signature. The president has promised to veto the bill.

The foundation spokesman said the donation from the Canadian agency was from an office separate from the one that advocates for Keystone XL.

This is very vague, and obviously for good reason.

If Hillary Clinton does run for President in 2016 and the campaign supports Keystone XL, what does this say about our government and use of taxpayer dollars to support this kind of project?

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, their mandate includes a requirement to:

Deepen commercial relations with the United States through support for innovation and foreign investment and promote Canada as a stable and secure source of energy and energy technology, such as the Keystone XL initiative.

Does this include indirect payments as campaign contributions to try to influence the outcome?  To be honest, I did not realize that our government was in the business of making ‘donations’ to international organizations such as the Clinton Foundation.

I don’t know what the connection might be and no source I researched clearly identified what the connection is, but if there is one, isn’t this a profound abuse of Canadian taxpayer dollars?  Doesn’t this open up a massive can of worms about how the Harper government is operating on the international stage?

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Bank of Canada: Important Ruling Concerning Money Issuance

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This video caught my eye last week:

The ruling has declared that the Bank of Canada should return to borrowing money interest-free instead of borrowing from the banks and international financial system.

Mainstream media has yet to cover the decision.


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Why We Need To Oppose Stephen Harper’s Anti-Privacy Bill

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Bill C-51 is still making the rounds and there’s a possibility – remote as it might seem – that we can still stimulate some discussion about this and dare I say have it shut down.

If you’re kind of blah about it and sitting on the fence like Mulcair and Trudeau, here’s just a little slice of what can happen one the definition of ‘terrorism’ gets into the hands of Canada’s spy establishment:

9-Year Old Suspended on ‘Terrorism’ Charge When Playing With Ring from Lord of the Rings.

It’s hard to believe, but folks, it’s already happened!!

Everyone – including little children – will be labeled as terrorists in order to control our lives.

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Vaccinations: A Library of Research Against Them

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“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” -Marcia Angell, MD (“Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption.” NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009.)

The world tolerates climate change deniers (even when they’re well funded by oil companies).

We’re allowed pro-life, as a response to pro-choice.

People who are hundreds of pounds over weight are still allowed to eat at fast food restaurants and have access to a public-funded health care system.

Smokers get lung transplants.

All ideologically challenging issues, but all allowed.

But when it comes to vaccinations, all logic, research and demand for impartial discussion about the pros and cons go out the window as a result of media-fueled hysteria resulting from a half dozen cases of measles.

All bets are off.

Us ‘poison-free’ adherents (as opposed to the media version, ‘anti-vaxxers’) are told we’re idiots, we’re a menace to society, we’re baby killers and we’re selfish beyond Croesus.

The pitchforks come out, my rights to make decisions for me and my family and my privacy vanishes overnight!!

Please.  Save this vitriol for the oil companies – the real destroyers of our planet.

We’re also told that we’re uninformed and making decisions out of adherence to pagan and simple-minded ‘naturopath’ witch-craft.

The endless attachment of the issues with a discredited Lancet article from 20 years is always the go-to resource for attacking my decision concerning vaccines.

Here is a good summary list of 10 Reasons Why Parents Should Not Vaccinate Their Children.  Click on the official links.  Review the scientific research.

But that’s probably not sufficient.

So … I will acquiesce.

I like to believe that I’m a rational person.  I’m not in this kind of a camp where I’m shivering under my mattress watching videos of fake lunar landings.

I’m a parent with a tough choice to make.

I don’t have the resources to investigate and defend my position, but I still believe we live in a society where when I’m forced to take something, I have a right to ask what’s in it.  I have a right to ask the proponents of vaccination to disprove substantial scientific evidence proving that vaccinations are not what they’re cracked up to be.  I will take vaccines and bring my son in for vaccinations BUT ONLY if the following are available for the public to review and discuss:

  1. A national ‘reaction’ database that is transparent and that the medical community is required to update – ie. mandatory – and that individuals can also update with pictures and commentary.
  2. A full public open database of all ingredients that go into any vaccine, with full ‘layman’s’ descriptions of what the ingredients are, substantiated by supporting documentation and research proving that the ingredients are acceptable and within acceptable limitations for human consumption.
  3. Full public disclosure and documents audited by a third party of the revenue made on the sale of vaccines to the public, including profit made by pharmaceuticals.
  4. Disclosure of any relations / meetings / lobbying activity of pharmaceuticals with doctors and the medical community, as well as meeting with politicians.

I suspect that most of this won’t happen, so I’m still arming myself with valuable and reliable information and scientific research into the ingredients related to vaccines and their impact on the health of their victims.

I refer specifically to this scientific analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of the CDC (  The authors found that

Cases that specified either hospitalization or death were identified among infants, defined as children aged less than 1 year, for whom reports were filed in the VAERS database from 1990 through the end of 2010.

The study’s authors downloaded 327,331 VAERS case reports of which they statistically analyzed 298,614 case reports of individuals aged less than 100 years. In their report they explain why they used that number of cases. Of the 298,614 cases 13.1% or 39,082 were infant cases. Of that number, 99.3% or 38,801 infant cases were reported as receiving fewer than 9 vaccine doses concurrently and were available for analyses, which showed 6,279 hospitalizations for children less than one year old and 1,881 deaths. The number of deaths reported occurred as follows:

1,623 deaths in children ages 0.0 year to less than 0.5 year of age or less than six (6) months old out of 26,408 case reports or 6.1%

258 deaths in children ages 0.5 year to 0.9 year of age or less than eleven (11) months old out of 12,393 case reports or 2.1%

If you’re a new parent and that doesn’t scare the living bejesus out of you, here are a few more scientific articles and resources that tell us to be cautious about vaccines:

Vaccine Ingredient List (not comprehensive):
from the US CDC:

Get the Facts About Vaccinations

Vaccines Kill More Children Than Measles

Vaccine Companies Exempt from Legal Retribution if Injury Occurs

Increased risk of developmental neurological impairment after high exposure to Thimerosal-containing vaccine in the first month of life:
Merck has some explaining to do:

Mortality Rates Concerning Vaccination:

Vaccine Causes Autism:  A Video ‘Explainer’ Video

Additives Cause Risk to Children:

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Vaccines Cause MMF

Igniting Vaccine Hysteria:

Italian Court Rules a Link Between MMR and Autism:

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Poison-Free (Unvaccinated) Children Get Sick Less Often, Survey:

Vaccine Nation:  A Documentary

CDC Admits to Cancer-causing agent in vaccines administered through 1950s:

CDC Caught Lying About Vaccines:

Vaccines Cause Autism: Journal of Immunotoxicology

MMR Vaccine Increases Risk of Febrile Seizures:

60 Studies:  1950s Vaccine Caused Cancer

How about ‘clean’ vaccines?

Vaccine Epidemic:

Vaccines May Have Increased Swine Flu Risk:

Tetanus vaccine spiked:

Rare Disease Caused by HPV, Tetanus Vaccine:

Flu vaccine doesn’t work, CDC:

Flu vaccine recalled:

Heavy metals in Flu Vaccines:

Vaccination Causes Narcolepsy in Children:

Other articles:


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Vaccines: I’m Not the Enemy

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Again, I’m going to defend my beliefs against the tsunami of mindless assaults on my right to choose when it comes to health options for my family.

The ‘outbreak’ of 5 cases in Toronto has whipped people into a pitchfork-heaving frenzy, with the mob of morons claiming that I should go to jail or that I’m a hazard to public safety reaching an all-time peak (or low, if you will).

Tens of thousands of people die in car accidents per year.  This is a preventable ‘outbreak’ that happens day in day out.

Do we panic about it?  Do we ban all cars on the road?  Do we put people in jail because they choose not to drive on the road or use a car?

Or, flipping this around, since we know driving a car is killing our planet and causing unprecedented levels of carbon-related illnesses like asthma, do we ban people from driving?

Do we force carnivores to convert to being vegetarians because we KNOW that mass production and processing of beef is causing unprecedented levels of cancers and other diseases?  Why don’t we go a step further and prohibit people who are overweight (ie. about 75% of us) from health services?

These arguments come up all the time, but they’re not implemented because we know they’re not reasonable and they’re a severe infringement on people’s right to choose.

But vaccines are treated differently, aren’t they?

Now, I’m no ‘Enemy of the People‘, but I’m going to repeat my questions about vaccines:

  • What ingredients are in vaccines?
  • Why doesn’t our government track negative and harmful effects of vaccines?
  • Why are people who are vaccinated so afraid of people who aren’t vaccinated?  You’re protected.  Right?
  • How much money are pharma companies making from vaccines and why aren’t they supplying them for free if vaccines are such an important tool for preventing ‘outbreak’?

Until our public health authorities provide more transparency, I do NOT believe that vaccines are the miracle cure they are set up to be.

Prove me wrong.

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