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What do Stephen Harper and Walter Palmer have in Common?

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As we head into our potentially longest election in Canadian history, one has to ask:  what do Stephen Harper and Walter Palmer (the now notorious hunter from Minnesota) have in common?

  1. They both hunt unfairly.  Stephen Harper is probably booking the media ads right now while the opposition sits on their hands and waits.
  2. They use the rules when the rules suit them.
  3. They both deny, deny, deny.

Let’s hope Canadians come to their senses and bring about the change we desperately need.

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Harper: Worst PM in Canadian History

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Stephen Harper Worst PM in Canadian History.  Thank you National Observer.

As an aside, National Observer and Canadaland (Jesse Brown) are pretty much the only two sources of content that I trust these days.  The CBC just vomits back junk from Canadian Press (a privately held news engine) and the PMO.

What’s not listed is the ongoing media war that the Harper regime imposes on the average Canadian.  They are oblivious, of course, but Harper perpetuates an important cycle that keeps him in power:

  • Get endorsements from media ‘pundits’ for being the only one capable of ‘leading’ and ‘managing’ the economy and protecting us from terrorism
  • Fund media pundits indirectly by tapping an unlimited base of public funds for advertising boondoggles like the Canadian Economic (Distr)action Plan, National Defence, RCMP, Parks Canada, etc etc etc
  • Keeping this otherwise bloated, inefficient and failing monopolies alive using these public funds (remember that in 2008 several of them went to the Harper government with hands out looking for hundreds of millions of dollars.  No car companies = no advertising revenue).
  • Feeding these useless media companies with endless piles of tripe from the Harper-created, taxpayer-funded ’24/7′ news network
  • Never giving any content except for advertising
  • Keeping the attack ads alive by carefully switching out public ads with Conservative political campaigns (ie. ensuring that they have negotiated and booked media long before anyone else can, strategically nudging other parties into the most expensive ad slots and pricing categories)
  • Starving the CBC of quality management, personnel or funding
  • Getting endorsements because they’ve helped create an elite class of journalist / public officials alive and well

The media war will continue and we’ll lose Canada as a result.

Mark my words.

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Justice Served?

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About 8 years ago, I started writing this blog when I was overwhelmed by the disgusting show of force demonstrated by security in BC when a Polish immigrant named Robert Dziekanski came to Canada and was killed in the Vancouver airport October 14, 2007.

He was assaulted with a taser weapon at least 5 times, despite being on the ground.

‘Experts’ claimed he died from ‘Excited Delirium’, a trumped up ‘medical condition’ used to defend the excessive use of taser weapons against their victims.  This defense has since been used to defend hundreds of deaths brought on by the abuse of stun and taser weapons used by police forces around the globe.

Coroners later ruled that the attack was a homicide.

For more on the timeline, visit this Wiki page.

Yesterday, courts declared that one of the accused – Monty Robinson – was found guilty of perjury and was sentenced to two years prison.  This is akin to charging Al Capone with tax evasion.

The case is being appealed.

Eight years ago, the world watched because we have the tools to monitor, share and discuss events that are designed to crush our liberties.

Today, Bill C-51 of the Stephen Harper Conservatives has taken away those tools and those rights.  To educate yourself about this abomination, see this Primer on Bill C-51.

Not since J Edgar Hoover and the East European Stasi has there been such a breach in private, personal information concerning law-abiding average citizens including you and me.

Oppose Bill C-51 today (and sign and share this petition) and ask the Liberals and Conservatives (if they give you an opportunity, which they won’t) why they would support such a tragic breach of democratic rights in Canada.

The Cons are Buying the Election … With Your Money

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Announced earlier today, the Conservatives claim they will give $500 for every child under 6 years of age.


$3 billion worth.

This is the only thing ‘the Great Economist Leader’ can come up with to endear himself to Canadians?

What a bunch of criminals.

The Stephen Harper Conservatives are using OUR MONEY to buy votes in the upcoming election.

What scum.  They should all be sent to jail.

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It’s Spelled R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N

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I don’t know what school Stephen Poloz went to, but the one I went to (and every other economics school on the planet) defines a RECESSION as two consecutive quarters of economic downturn.

Yesterday, after making the decision to chop interest rates another 0.25% to a basic level of 0.50%, Poloz was asked if he would (properly) label the last two negative quarters as a recession.  He declined to add detail saying “I just find the discussion quite unhelpful“.

Unhelpful to whom?  The Great Economist Leader Stephen Harper and his bid to pretend that he knows what he’s doing?

Let’s face it:  the Great Economist Leader Stephen Harper has failed miserably at his one promise to Canadians that the others couldn’t seem to meet up with:  better management of the economy.

As we head into an election in the fall, a RECESSION is not what the Great Stephen Harper wants everyone to be talking about, but there it is.

However, Stephen Poloz won’t call it a recession because I’m sure he’s afraid of being shoved into the salt mines in the Ukraine and he doesn’t want the media to actually copy/paste his comments about the country being in a recession because only then will it be true.

What’s even more sad is that the horde of journalists that mimic the ‘say nothing’ comments continue to, well, say nothing.  Why aren’t the pushing Poloz to admit that the facts in front of us say we’re in a recession?

FOLKS … we are in a recession.


Stephen Harper has failed.  Admit it.

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