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About the Toronto Dispensary Busts

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To be honest, I don’t think I can add a lot of context to this discussion because I’m neither a pot smoker, a pot dispensary, nor a police officer in the Toronto trying to stick to the current law of the land.

That said, John Tory declared war on pot dispensers today by busting dozens of stores in the city of Toronto.

Again, being an honest outsider, I’m probably not qualified to make a statement on this, but my gut instinct is that this is an ominous sign to the thousands of existing and potential small businesses that want to get in on the pot game once it actually is  legalized in Canada.

And it will be.

My take on this situation is that it’s a message.  Pot dispensaries will have to follow an expensive, exhausting administrative and licensing process that will break the backs of most small businesses.

Those left standing will be the LCBO, Loblaws and all of the other corporate monopolies that want to monopolize one more cash cow, leaving small suppliers standing in the cold, knee deep in a bureaucratic mess.

We’ve seen it with alcohol, we’ll see it with pot.

So my take on the enforcement of the current law of the land is that Tory is the messenger and the message is this:  only big money machines and corporate controllers are allowed to be a part of this machine.  The little guys can go fuck themselves.

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The Scummy Race to the Bottom Orchestrated by the Conservatives & Media

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People:  Justin Trudeau is a head of state.  Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is his partner.

Denying Sophie Trudeau the ability to do her job – be it taking care of the kids, responding to email or letters or even sharing the odd little bit with respect to helping Canada’s head of state run the country – suffocates Justin Trudeau’s ability to do HIS job.

And that’s exactly why the douchebags with the opposition parties and the media want to keep this ‘issue’ top of mind.

The more they’re on the defense, the less they’re able to do their job.

This is a media ruse and a Conservative ruse designed to make us question every step, fart and wiggle of the ‘First Family’ of Canada.

And it’s garbage.

Canada is being brought to a new low by rats, scumbags and scoundrels and it must come to an end.

How much did we hear about Lauren Harper?  How much did we hear about Mila Mulroney?

Enough.  Enough.  Enough.

Do your job opposition and media and find something REAL to talk about.

Until you do, you shame yourselves.

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Paul Godfrey is What’s Wrong With Capitalism

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For a decade while Stephen Harper pulled the strings on the nation’s advertising budget, PostMedia and other major media conglomerates in Canada were major beneficiaries of endless propaganda campaigns for the Conservatives, against Canadians.

When they were not getting billions of dollars of Canadian tax money in advertising, they would take positions that supported the Conservatives so that they eventually would get more money as a thank you.  They even altered their publications (possibly illegally?) to look like ballot cards in the 2015 election, again, in support of all of their Conservatives buddies.

The circle was perfect.  The Cons spend our dollars on PostMedia, they throw a lifeline to publications that Canadians on average really didn’t find useful and the publications did everything they could to keep the Cons in control.

They talk about the merits of the free market and supporting Harper’s thinly veiled religious fanaticism.  They blasted public <anything> and they derided and destroyed many quality opposition candidates because they dared to question the Conservative ‘machine’.

After Trudeau’s win and a win for all of Canada, that ‘gravy train’ came to an abrupt end.

Now Paul Godfrey sits whining saying that he needs a handout.

“Come back and advertise in our newspapers and on our websites,” Godfrey pleaded, noting that government cuts to advertising in recent years have disproportionately affected newspapers.

“We’re asking the government to be an ally, not for a bailout of the Canadian newspaper industry.”

Godfrey pointed to federal statistics showing government advertising in newspapers was halved, while online advertising nearly doubled, between 2010 and 2015. The bulk of the money went to foreign-owned behemoths like Google and Facebook, which produce no original Canadian news content.

What a joke.

PostMedia is owned by a foreign company and it’s content is basically written by the people that we love to hate.  Claiming that the government should stop spending on Google or Facebook – both of which employ hundreds of people with good paying jobs – is absolutely absurd.

Any good media buyer will tell you that you spend money where people are, not where they were.

I would argue that cuts to media companies in Canada don’t go far enough.  We spend billions every year on subsidies that go directly into the pocket of folks like Godfrey, whether it’s for magazine funds, TV production or ‘Can Con’.

These subsidies must come to an end or at least be better spent on the ‘mom and pop’ content creators in Canada.  And the hypocrisy of the business community must come to an end as well.

Here’s a message to Paul Godfrey:  stop standing with your hand out.

You’re what’s wrong with capitalism.

You’re giving capitalism a bad name.

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Lynton Crosby Stock Plummets

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Lynton Crosby – the Wizard or Lizard of Oz depending on your druthers – seems to have hit an all-time low.

Crosby was behind the recent (failed) election campaign supporting Boris Johnston in London, England.

Crosby was also behind Stephen Harper’s dismal failure of a campaign in Canada.

He’s also been behind a number of other campaigns across the globe.

The common theme:  how to hate your neighbour.

Given his track record of stirring up loathing of certain racial or ethnic groups, particularly Muslims, expect him to show up soon on the campaign with Donald Trump, manipulating every nuance he can to spread his lovely message of hate.

Well good news is taking shape.  The result from his last few efforts?  The awakening of the electorate in the jurisdictions that he’s been hired to ‘help’.

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Trump and the Grand Old Puppeteers

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For any fans out there, apologies for the absence.  I just haven’t had the time to blog recently.

Actually, when someone says you don’t have the time, apparently you’re also saying you don’t care.  When Stephen Harper was destroying Canada, I cared.  Now that we have a slightly more sane leader and a glimmer of hope of surviving the next few years, I’m more in the ‘I don’t care’ department when it comes to Canadian politics.

But the US!  Lordy, what a mess it is.

Donald Trump is not the only realistic contender for taking the crown with the Republican Party in the United States and will most likely be their candidate for the 2016 American election.

What a frightening thought.

But then, wait a second.  Let’s think about this.

In context of the last 40 years of American politics, Trump’s rise to ‘power’ makes perfect sense.

Let’s look at the last 40 years of Republican leaders:

  • Nixon (President, 1972-74)
  • Gerald Ford (unelected President, 1974-76)
  • Ronald Reagan, retired actor (President, 1980-88)
  • George HW Bush (President, 1988-1992)
  • George Bush, Jr. (President, 2000-2008)
  • McCain/Palin (candidates, 2008)
  • Mitt Romney (candidate, 2012)

From 1992 to 2000, Bill Clinton lead the Democrats to a big win in American politics and was probably the most ‘stable’ by way of defense spending and overall budget management.  By the end of his term, the Democrats were actually creating budget surpluses.

Through this history, what’s important to note is the decline of ‘Rockefeller Republicans‘, those moderate and almost liberal candidates and leaders that were a critical part of the intellectual base of the Grand Old Party (GOP).  They were the thought leaders that made your parents vote Republican and push most Baby Boomers that want a ‘return to the good old days’ to vote for the GOP, regardless of what nut job is in control.

Nixon changed all of that.  Through these last 40 years or so, we see the rise of the ‘military industrial’ complex that (republican President) Eisenhower warned us about in 1961 and who were embodied by the likes of Reagan and Bush, Sr., the latter whom came from this complex.  Even Clinton wore this badge, albeit somewhat quietly.

Puppets, meet puppeteers.

Then in the 1980s, we also see the rise of other ‘movements’ with the Republicans:  Religion and the Tea Party.  Both are working well to alienating rational thought from the political process.

The radicalization of the Republican party and fragmentation as a result pretty much guaranteed the Obama Democrat wins in 2008 and 2012.  This fragmentation is what keeps most Democrats hopeful about a 2016 win.

(It’s also what fueled Stephen Harper’s power grab and consolidation of Canada’s Conservative Party through the 1990s.  He was very wise in observing the same trend in Canada and blocked it at the pass, securing a 10-year leadership in Canada.)

What’s interesting is that Trump may not actually be a puppet to any of these groups – be it religion, rebellion, libertarianism or militarism.

He’s just Trump.

And that’s what scares the bejesus out of everyone.

After 4 decades of people being puppets, what happens when someone like Trump comes along and cuts the strings?

He might actually be able to do something.

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