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Should we have a carbon tax or end carbon deductions?

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Around the world, it’s a commonly accepted principle that businesses can deduct fuel expenses as part of their everyday cost of doing business.

Governments around the world are also in a scramble to make every person pay directly or indirectly for carbon use.

So, the simple question I have is why don’t we just put an end to the deduction of fuel expenses from tax returns?  This would tax those that use it as opposed to penalizing everyone else.  It would also force the world of manufacturers, delivery services and other consumers of carbon to reconsider their choices and demand better options, especially if we choose instead to subsidy ‘green’ options.

The Details …

In Canada, businesses can claim roughly 30-40% of all expenses related to vehicle ownership and usage, including gas, insurance, maintenance, tires, parking and so on.

And yet, we rarely see politicians jumping on this subsidy to carbon eaters.


It’s nearly impossible to find anything in the public domain that assesses the impact of carbon-based deductions and those that continue to indirectly subsidize carbon use.

So, I’m going to guess.  There are roughly 1.17 employer businesses in Canada (Dec 2015), with about 98% of them being small businesses (less than 100 people).  The vast majority within the small business group have less than 4 people on their payroll.

Going from my own personal experience, auto expenses amounted to roughly $3,500 per year in the last few years that I made these deductions.  Multiply this by the 1.14 million small businesses and you get roughly $4 billion in cost.

And even though large companies account for such a tiny fraction of the number of companies, they still account for millions of employees that either have gas deduction or allowable mileage as a business expense.

With this in mind, I’m going to guess that the cost of carbon deduction is roughly $20 billion per year in foregone revenue from the federal and provincial coffers.

This pairs well with the IMF estimate for Canada that pegs carbon subsidies at about $34 billion per year.

The target carbon tax that’s been implemented in Ontario is expected to become the provincial government’s largest new tax generator, resulting in roughly $1.9 billion in new cash for Kathleen Wynne.

What we’ve done is transferred the cost of carbon use to everyone instead of the actual users.

This must end.

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The Very Small Handful of Companies that Rule Our Lives

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This is GREAT stuff!  Fun Sunday reading, for sure.

If you were in any doubt about who calls the shots, it’s not us.  It’s THEM.

Here are a few copy/pastes of the key players in global corporate domination:

1. Consumer Goods

who owns major brands - consumer goods

2. Beer

who owns major brands - beer

3. Cars

who owns major brands - cars

4. Airlines

who owns major brands - airlines

5. Financial Companies

who owns major brands - financial assets

6. Studios & Media Companies

who owns major brands - media consolidation

7. TV Networks

who owns major brands - tv channels


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The Official 9/11 Story … Shredded

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Hey … 15 million views and counting.

Check it out.

Question the official 9/11 story.  Just question it.

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The Liars and Believers

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Trudeau and Trump are the same people: they are liars who tell us anything we want to hear in order to get to office.

Trudeau used the ‘velvet hammer’ of quotes like ‘sunny times’ and ‘the last time we’ll have a first past the post voting system’.

This week, the lies caught up with him.

Trudeau has pledged a commitment to manufacturing, distributing and producing carbon all the while forcing Canadian jurisdictions to impose carbon taxes on Canadians.

Trudeau has approved 2 out of 3 pipelines, with the third likely to be approved with a bit of arm twisting and … you guessed … more lies.

Trump’s form of lies are much more obvious … assuming you’re paying attention, but in a weird way, Trump will actually be able to take the higher ground because his lies were meant to deceive voters that want racism and hate to become more entrenched in American politics and policy.

They won’t be.  They were just lies to fire the blood of voters that have been misled into believing a certain kind of story about politics in America.

Like or not Trudeau and Trump are two sides of the same coin.  They lie and deceive us in order to get into office.

What’s next for voters?

I wish I had a suggestion, but perhaps this 3 minutes of classic George Carlin will remind you that we’re not supposed to have an answer:

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