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The CDC & Corporations: Profit Instead of People

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Hey Vacci-nazis.  Screw you.

This page tells us about just a few of the fiascos and fraud taking place at the US Center for Disease Control, the supposed bastion of health product research.

To quote:

In August 2014, CDC senior vaccine safety scientist, Dr. William Thompson, invoked federal whistleblower status and testified to Congressman William Posey that his CDC supervisors had ordered him to destroy data and manipulate studies to conceal injuries to black children from certain vaccines. According to Thompson’s testimony to Congressman Posey, data analyzed by Thompson and a team of scientists for a key study showed that black boys who received the MMR vaccine on schedule, had a 250% increase in autism diagnoses. The data also pointed to the vaccine as a culprit in the epidemic of regressive autism in both white and black children. A high level CDC official, Dr. Frank DeStefano, ordered Thompson and his fellow scientists to destroy that data in a large garbage can and omit the damning findings from the published study. That study has been cited more than 110 times in published studies on PubMed, and forms the cornerstone of the CDC’s orthodoxy that vaccines don’t cause autism.

If you did into the archives of this blog, you’ll see that I’m a great fan of science, just not a supporter of the profit-driven  corporate science that floods our mental space on a daily basis.

Corporations and special interests are destroying the faith people have in the scientific community’s ability to generate responsible and accurate research.

This is why many of the CDC’s scientists and researchers have created Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research (SPIDERs) to oppose and educate Americans (and hopefully the rest of the world) about the disgusting political and profit-driven agendas that are affecting our health.

Even America’s own Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General published the results of a lengthy investigation of corruption in the CDC’s vaccine division. That shocking report painted the CDC as

a hopelessly corrupted arm of the pharmaceutical industry. It described, in detail, mismanagement, dysfunction and the alarming conflicts of interest that suborn the CDC’s research, regulatory and policymaking functions. The report discloses how CDC allows vaccine industry profiteers to make millions of dollars by serving on advisory boards that add new vaccines to the schedule. In a typical example, Dr. Paul Offit, in 1999, sat on the CDC’s vaccine advisory committee and voted to add the rotavirus vaccine to CDC’s schedule, paving the way for him to make a fortune on his own rotavirus vaccine patent. Offit and his business partners sold the royalties to his rotavirus vaccine patent to Merck in 2006 for $182 million. Offit told Newsweek, “It was like winning the lottery!” HHS investigation revealed that 97% of CDC’s scientific committee members failed to complete the mandatory conflict of interest disclosures and that as many as 64% of committee members disclosed conflicts of interest that were not acted upon by the CDC.

Hey vaccinazis: find another arm. This one is raised in disgust.

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Health: Fertilizing the Roots of Mistrust & Conspiracy

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“Half of registered clinical trials fail to publish their results, and studies with negative or non-significant results are twice as likely to be unpublished”, CBC story.

Intellectual dishonesty coupled with corporate backers = conspiracy.

I know … my point is a touch hyperbolic, but I can’t help but come to this when I read stuff like this via the CBC.

Every year, thousands of Canadians sign up to participate in clinical trials, offering their bodies to further the development of important medical advances like new drugs or devices. But the results of many of those trials never see the light of day.

A new online tool aims to put pressure on some of the companies and institutions behind the problem. TrialsTracker maintains a list of all the trials registered on the world’s leading clinical trials database and tracks how many of them are updated with results.

Amid pharmaceutical companies and research bodies from around the world on, maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, nine Canadian universities and institutions rank in the top 100 organizations with the greatest proportion of registered trials without results.

How am I – a relative simpleton in the vast machinery of pharmaceuticals, corporate donors, universities that look the other way, political corruption and a health care system that is neither about ‘health’ nor ‘care’ – supposed to believe anything I’m told when I read a gut-wrenching quote like this:

The University of Toronto’s David Henry says “publication bias,” as it’s called, is robbing the medical community and patients of important information.

We’ve been deceived about the truth about treatments that we’ve used widely over a long period, in very large numbers of individuals, because of the selective publication of results that are favourable to the product,” says Henry, a professor of health systems data at U of T’s Institute for Health Policy Management and Evaluation.

I’ve fought off the vacci-nazis when it comes to my kid and my own health for more than a decade. This article vindicates the years of bullying and mental abuse that the medical and media communities have hurled at me.  I feel vindicated when I read that “approximately half of registered clinical trials fail to publish their results, and studies with negative or non-significant results are twice as likely to be unpublished”.

Don’t get me wrong:  I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE.  I DON’T believe in junk, corporate science that’s winds up doing more damage than good just so that the bottom line and a few top-level bonuses can be protected.

If the health industry is going to get people on board and win the trust of the public, it MUST be mandatory for anyone doing these clinical trials to make the results public, even if they work against the intent of the research being done.

This is science.  Failure to do so puts the public at risk.

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Ontario: This is what you get when Toronto doesn’t pay property tax!

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The City of Toronto just voted to add road tolls to those willing to make a visit to paradise.

Let’s face it … Toronto is an AMAZING city.  It’s probably one of the best in the world, if not, THE BEST.

But people who live in Toronto aren’t paying their fair share of property taxes.  Here’s a list of property tax rates for major municipalities in Ontario:

Ontario Tax Average Average
Community Rate House Price Total Taxes
Average: 1.0073 $508,172 $5,119
Markham 1.0204 $441,491 $4,505
Vaughan 1.0148 $438,968 $4,455
Cobourg 1.6605 $266,840 $4,431
Pembroke 2.0001 $207,680 $4,154
Brampton 1.1954 $313,954 $3,753
Collingwood 1.2807 $293,000 $3,752
Barrie 1.3654 $273,989 $3,741
Stratford 1.3914 $260,850 $3,630
Brockville 1.5825 $228,010 $3,608
Guelph 1.3099 $272,055 $3,564
Owen Sound 1.4988 $235,300 $3,527
Whitby 1.2955 $269,852 $3,496
Brantford 1.6505 $211,125 $3,485
Midland 1.5191 $227,380 $3,454
Toronto 0.8528 $387,482 $3,305
Kenora 1.5208 $216,580 $3,294
Kitchener 1.2516 $262,587 $3,286
Welland 1.6986 $192,851 $3,276
Mississauga 1.0025 $326,313 $3,271
Woodstock 1.7283 $189,146 $3,269
Sudbury 1.6601 $196,563 $3,263
Burlington 1.0076 $323,556 $3,260
Oshawa 1.5886 $203,988 $3,241
Waterloo 1.2301 $262,587 $3,230
Cambridge 1.2623 $245,442 $3,098
Orillia 1.3869 $218,847 $3,035
Hamilton 1.2735 $235,307 $2,997
Peterborough 1.4794 $200,035 $2,959
Kingston 1.2917 $227,896 $2,944
North Bay 1.7766 $161,908 $2,876
London 1.4707 $192,668 $2,834
S. Catharines 1.4692 $192,851 $2,833
Timmins 2.1894 $129,172 $2,828
Belleville 1.1841 $236,980 $2,806
Ingersoll 1.4616 $189,146 $2,765
Thorold 1.4233 $192,851 $2,745
Leamington 1.4482 $188,560 $2,731
Niagara Falls 1.3953 $192,851 $2,691
Windsor 1.7226 $150,506 $2,593
Tillsonburg 1.4988 $169,031 $2,533
Cornwall 1.9561 $127,102 $2,486
S. Ste. Marie 2.0505 $118,552 $2,431
Sarnia 1.5644 $155,104 $2,426
Petawawa 1.0016 $234,220 $2,346
Thunder Bay 1.6865 $134,867 $2,275
Ottawa 0.7933 $272,672 $2,163


Toronto has the second lowest property tax rate after Ottawa (which gets a lot of subsidies from the federal government and Capital Commission).

Furthermore, if property was assessed properly – ie. taxes were based on the multi-million dollar home in Forest Hill and Rosedale – the City might actually be able to balance a rate increase with more revenue coming in from realistic housing prices.

The average house price in Toronto has just popped over $1.2 million and yet the average MPAC assessment value is about one-third of that amount, at $390,000.

Until that happens, the rest of Ontario has to pay admission to visit Toronto.  John Tory just announced that road rolls will be applied to visitors using the Gardiner and Don Valley Parkway (no mention of the 427).

Kind of stupid, right?

At a rate of $200 million per year (the amount that the City of Toronto plans to take in with this new scheme), it’ll take them 150 years to address your $33 billion infrastructure deficit, assuming it doesn’t grow.  Which it will.

C’mon Toronto: it’s time for you to understand that you’re going to have to pay your fair share.  Ontario won’t carry you forever.

And let’s face it John Tory:  you implement a proper and realistic rate of property tax or the government of Ontario will do it for you in the form of a ‘foreign investor’ tax or some other measure.

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How Soon Will Trump Be Impeached?

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The prospect of a US government dominated by Republicans will likely delay the impeachment of US President-elect, but the evidence is mounting that Trump’s fantastic voyage to Washington will be cut short before he can actually lead the nation.

I predicted a Trump win, and now I predict that Trump will be ousted within two years of his mandate.

Let’s look at some of the current and existing reasons why Trump might be impeached:

  • Undue foreign influence – especially that from Russia – during the election campaign
  • A growing conflict of interest between his business and his children who are running both the business and government.  Is profiting from government activity or nepotism a worse crime?
  • He has run an illegal charity in New York state.
  • He has made an illegal campaign contribution through that charity.
  • He has used the charity to settle personal business debts.
  • He settled his RICO lawsuit against his Trump University for $25 million, something he said he wouldn’t do.  Will this come back to haunt him?  November 28 will be an important date for your calendar.
  • There is a rape charge against him.

If you doubt my opinion, look to that of the same guy who predicted a Trump win.

It’s going to happen.

Here’s the frightening part:  Trump’s the entertainer and crowdpleaser.  He has made many despicable statements and will continue to alienate everyone.  But it’s entirely possible that he might do the right thing once in a while.

However, he’s already appointed all of the stooges that are repulsed by freedom and Mike Pence (anti-gay, anti-abortion and so on) will be in charge.

Believe it or not, Pence will be harder to stomach than Trump.

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Petition to End Carding in London

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Concerned about the Trump win in the US?

How about the anti-gay, anti-abortion teen that just won the election in Niagara, Ontario?

Take a stand.  Take a small, important healthy stand against this nonsense.

Petition to end carding in London.

Let’s not just have a few people in London fight this fight.

(By the way, if you want to curb crime in London, go after the white kids whipping around on their BMXs carrying bags of meth and other drugs, using apps guiding them to their latest deal).

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