Month: February 2020

February 21, 2020

Shuttles: Filling Gaps in Transit

I love this story. I know … I’m such a ‘transit nerd’. (Is there such a thing?). Here are just some top-level reasons why: Smaller vehicles = less costly vehicles More full vehicles = better use of smaller vehicles Less heavy bus traffic on suburban roads = fewer repair expenses Independently owned = free market opportunity to fill gaps in transit Autnomous? I’m not quite […]

February 19, 2020

Will Bezos Save The Planet Before Destroying It?

Jeff Bezos has announced he will spend $10 billion on funding projects that will curb climate change. Here are some tips on how he can start in his own backyard, including a suggestion that he and his company protect their namesake.

February 2, 2020

Paris Meets Jane Jacobs, Version 2.0

Paris is about to embark on an ambitious plan to marginalize cars. What can we do in Canada and the rest of the world to follow in their path of minimizing the isolation and waste brought on by cars?