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The Unspoken Holocaust

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Millions of civilians have died as a direct and indirect result of US and NATO-lead actions in foreign countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) has resulted in an estimated 6 million plus civilian deaths.

Concern is typically reserved for US troops and the other casualties and deaths virtually ignored.  No monuments, no headlines, no concern.

Most of these deaths were in Vietnam and the rest of Indochina, but the numbers for Iraq are just as urgent:  estimates range from 400,000 to 650,000 civilian deaths since the Americans ‘occupied’ Iraq.

In World War II, there were similar ‘genocides’ happening with Ukranians, gypsies, homosexuals and others in addition to the Jews.

Are these examples above America’s genocide?

Western Hypocrisy Exposed: NATO War Crimes?

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NATO is poised to attack Libya in the wake of uprisings in that African country.

Libyan leader Moammar Ghaddafi has attacked hundreds of his citizens in an effort to protect his fiefdom.

In the wake of the situation, Western hypocrisy is exposed once again.

Understandably, Moammar Ghaddafi should stand trial for war crimes against his people.  But SNC Lavalin is building prisons for people that oppose him.  Should they too stand trial for war crimes?

And what of NATO?  This is the same NATO that in 2010 killed nearly 20% of the 1,000+ civilians killed in Afghanistan as a direct result of military actions in that country, although these estimates vary widely.

To what extent are we accountable for our own war crimes?

Fair Game: Must See Movie

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The movie Fair Game, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, captures the life of Valerie Plame-Wilson in the run up to the Iraq war.

It is a must see movie, but bear this in mind: it will piss you off.

It showcases just how corrupt the Republican government was in the years that followed 9/11 and clearly demonstrates that there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to the Wilsons, why they weren’t believed, the shallow evidence that gave way for the Iraq war (something both Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff would have joined up with had they been in charge at the time), the morally bankrupt media infrastructure that fuels the lies and a tonne of other questions about the US political landscape.

Again, I’ll repeat:  it is a must see movie.

However, because of its topical nature, it leaves a simple Canuck like me wondering what kind of manipulation we face every day in Canada. The same people that ran the Bush Administration are extremely close to the Harper Administration / Regime.

How much longer should we allow that to continue?

The Glimmer of Hope in the Khadr Circus (er … trial)

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I have to thank Disaffected Lib for this article and commentary related to the UN condemning the Omar Khadr trial.

It is and will be a complete farce.   Using information ‘solicited’ while someone is under ‘duress’ is not information.  It’s a tainted plea for mercy.

Allowing a trial to proceed with evidence based on torture is just plain wrong.

If our government had any consideration for the plight of Canadians, they would have brought Khadr back long ago.  But they didn’t and here we are.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope … no matter how small.

As the judge in the trial declared, information obtained by any means of coercion will likely be admissible in this case.  The ‘hope’ is that in order to make this information known, the Khadr defense should insist on seeing exact video for at least 60 minutes prior to and after such evidence was obtained.

This way we’ll know for sure if the information is voluntary or not.

More importantly, the face of torture in the US and American society will be revealed, humiliating Americans and shaming them into the lowest of the low when it comes to respect for basic human dignities and rights.  Everyone around the world will see how Americans are treating people and expose them for being the grandest of hypocrites.

Unfortunately, Khadr may have to become a martyr to prove just how vile and corrupt the American war machine has become.

Conservatives Cave to Speaker’s Request

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The Stephen Harper Conservatives finally caved to the will of the people and allowed the opposition parties to have some level of access to documents related to the Afghan detainee issue.

More can be read here about this update.

Still at issue is how long the opposition will allow this regime to maintain its grip on power in Canada.  Will they read the documents and shrink away from this victory, guided only by polls and pundits as opposed to the will of the people of Canada?  Increasingly, Canadians would like to see an election held, if only to be given an opportunity to vote against these crooks (including the opposition parties who’s spinelessness needs to be addressed).

However, the odds are also pretty good that if Stephen Harper approves of the arrangement, there’s a loophole the size of Grand Canyon that will allow him to back out and be slippery as always.  Tragically, this decision will also give the Harper Cons another few months to pilfer the treasury, hand out money to the religious wingnut friends, appoint more lackies to the top tiers of Canadian policy institutions and trash Canada’s reputation on the international scene.

Please make it end and give us a party that cares!