Last week, I posted a ‘Strategic Voting’ resource guide, but this site – Swing33 – was not live yet. is yet another effort to convince Canadians to put some thought into ‘voting for the other guy’.  For me, that’s ALL this election is about right now because it’s all that matters:  getting rid of the Conservatives.

The Conservatives understand – with great cynicism – that Canadians will follow their passion and vote for ‘their party’ in an effort to try to get specific platform ideas pushed into the public view, but they also know that this creates substantial noise while the Con raid the treasury and dismantle this country.

This and other sites are reminders that it’s vital that we as Canadians – the majority of us – understand what we need to do so that we can live in a Conservative-free Canada after May 3.

One critical change in the Liberal platform would help make this a lot easier.  In fact, it would be a game-changer for the Liberals.  The Liberals should support Proportional Representation and democratic reform in this country (like the NDP and Greens have been campaigning on) so that we can lock the Cons out for good.