December 8, 2009

NDP Calls for Peter Mackay to Step Aside

By admin

Earlier today, the NDP issued a press release calling for the resignation of Peter Mackay.

This is not a surprising announcement.

What’s important is that the NDP keep up the pressure on the Harper Regime, all the while trying to differentiate themselves from the Liberals so that they can rise above this mess when there is an election (and there will be one soon).

What’s even more important is that they find a way to connect the PMO with what’s happened in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, Harper is probably quite delighted that his old rival, Peter Mackay, will take the fall for this mess.

In fact, if you’re a Conservative, consider this:  why is it that nothing ever sticks to our Teflon PM?  Do you really enjoy working in an such an intensely toxic environment where nothing ever actually gets done and your leader constantly throws his supporters to the sharks like minnows at mid-day feeding time?

Remind yourself:  what matters to Harper?  Harper and absolutely nothing else.