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Canada: A Tale of Two Georges

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anada is again being mentioned in international headlines as a superstitious backwater.
Here .


And even the Globe had something to say about this.

The RCMP response can be found here (PDF).

The good news is that no one knew about George Galloway a few weeks ago and now he’s top of the list for most Canadians that care about why we would limit a democratically elected official from the UK and yet we would allow someone who stole an election to come to speak to the folks in the oil patch.

That’s right:  enemy number X of the UN George Bush, wanted for crimes against humanity, came into the country to talk to the Albertans.  No arrests were made, despite our obligation to abide by international agreements related to war criminals.

Unfortunately for all of us, Canada has entered a new era of fascist stupidity.

Tales from the Harpercrite Files

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Thanks to Calgary Grit for these quotes to be compiled for the Harpercrite files:

September 15, 2008 : "My own belief is if we were going to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now ." – Stephen Harper

The next month: Dow Jones plunges 2,340 points

October 7, 2008 : "I think there’s probably a lot of great buying opportunities emerging in the stock market as a consequence of all this panic ." – Stephen Harper

Six week later: TSX down over 2,000 points

September 26, 2008 : "All the fundamentals of the Canadian economy are good. It’s not the time to do anything new, wild or stupid ." – Stephen Harper

September 26, 2008 : Harper accused Dion of attempting to "drive down confidence in the Canadian economy without foundation, and quite frankly, sitting on the sidelines, virtually cheering for a recession ."

October 6, 2008 : "I know economists will say well, we could run a small deficit but the problem is that once you cross that line as we see in the United States, nothing stops deficits from getting larger and larger and spiralling out of control ." – Stephen Harper

October 8, 2008 : Asked if running even a small deficit would be bad in these difficult times, Mr. Flaherty said flatly : “Yes, it would be .”

October 10, 2008 : "This country will not go into recession next year and will lead the G7 countries ." – Stephen Harper

November 22, 2008 : "These are, of course, the classic circumstances under which budgetary deficits are essential." Stephen Harper

November 27, 2008 : Flaherty predicts recession, offers no stimulus package

December 15, 2008 : "The truth is, I’ve never seen such uncertainty in terms of looking forward to the future. I’m very worried about the Canadian economy. […] Obviously, we’re going to have to run a deficit ." – Stephen Harper

December 16, 2008 : Canada’s leader [Harper] says depression possible

December 17, 2008 : "It’s quite clear on the basis of the forecasts, and the continuing decline in the forecasts, that there will be a deficit ." – Jim Flaherty

December 18, 2008: Harper says deficit could hit 30 billion

Folks:  let’s add more.  I know there are a lot out there that prove to Canadians that these people cannot and should not be trusted with the future and fortunes of Canadians.  Please post below in the comments section.

Stephen Harpocrite

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Compare this:

"The opposition has every right to defeat the government but Stéphane Dion does not have the right to take power without an election," Harper said. "Canada’s government should be decided by Canadians, not backroom deals. It should be your choice, not theirs."

Stephen Harper, November 28, 2008

To this:

"We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority."

Stephen Harper, September 2004

Which is true Steve?  Which truth benefits you the most and which lies will you tell them Canadian public in order to preserve your lock on Canadian power?  Is ruining democracy in Canada that important to you?

And when you talk about backroom deals, Steve, are you talking from experience, where you let Canada’s corporate elite dictate our economic strategy as you head into talks with the other 19 countries of the G20 ?  Why were you pimping yourself (and Canada without our permission) in this fashion?  Did you consult with other public institutions in a public manner before going to the G20, lying about how you and the Cons would spend our way out of economic crisis only to have you come back and deliver a round of cuts ?  Just curious.

Backroom deals abound, yes, but I’m pleased to see that the representatives of the majority of Canadian voters are taking the lead.  From you.

Stephen Harper hates democracy

I’ve pasted my comments from this article .  I’m very annoyed with the Conservative response to the efforts to form a coalition.  Back room deal?  Since when was Harper ever transparent with Canadians?


Wow.  Lots of comments.  I’m not sure if I’ll be repeating what’s already been said, but here are some thoughts:

1.  62.4% of Canadians does not want the Conservatives to run this country, at least according to the popular vote.
2.  The Conservatives do not have a plan.  They did not have one during the election and they obviously do not have one now, since they are not doing what the rest of the world is doing:  stimulating a failing economy.  Tax cuts didn’t work, Jim.
3.  A coalition is perfectly legal and within the rule of law in Canada.  Saying it’s not is a bold-faced lie.  Saying they’re working behind closed doors is the extreme in hypocrisy, given the complete media shut-out that we’ve had to tolerate over the last 2.5 years of Conservative ‘leadership’.
4.  Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty and the rest of the Cons hate democracy.  Cutting $30 million from the public financing of campaigns will not prove anything.  Try cutting a few billion from the Department of Defence instead.
5.  It’s time the Conservatives accept their fate:  their belief structure and ideology is outdated and destructive.  Leaving them in charge to repair what faces us in Canada would be a disaster, as it has been in the US and the UK.
6.  In light of these observations, allowing the Conservatives to continue to run our country would be a grave mistake, given that they are ideologically different than the newly-elected Obama government in the US.

The level of anger mystifies me from the Conservative camps.  You act with a sense of defiance and entitlement.  It was decided that, using our antiquated voting system, the Conservatives would lead, but you’re entitled to nothing if you can’t cooperate with the rest of Canada.

Shame on you.

CBC Re Public Finance of Democracy in Canada

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Hi folks,

This is do/die time.  The CBC has posted a poll about the public finance.  Please post your support for public finance of political parties here: