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Freedom For Byron Sonne

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I scanned the headlines of Progressive Bloggers this morning and failed to notice this very exciting news:  Byron Sonne is now a free man and has been cleared of ALL charges.

Of course, ‘freedom’ is relative.  My ill-informed opinion is that he’ll continue to be hounded by overzealous and dense members of the Canadian press.  His wife Kristin has left him.  He’ll most likely face a perpetual uphill battle with respect to employment or earning a decent living.

Hopefully, Byron will make something of this experience.  I don’t know how, but I know this:  he’s already had nearly two years in jail to think about this and I know he’ll take the high road.

Of course, I still think he should sue our government for what they’ve done to his life.

Must See: CBC “You Should Have Stayed At Home”

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On most occasions, it’s hard for me to take sides with the CBC – what with the constant injections of pop-polls from loaded organizations like the QMI Agency and interviews with hacks from the Globe or elsewhere – but on Friday night, they nailed it.

Their Fifth Estate show ‘You Should Have Stayed At Home‘ showcases the brutality and stupidity of Canada’s security and police state and demonstrates that Canada – yes, Canada – is not alone in the battle to win democracy for its citizens.

Yes, it is that basic.

We have lost the right to assembly and innocent people are being held in jail to this day simply because they exposed the billions of waste that went into the G20 summit.

And this is under a Conservative minority.  I shudder to think of what life would be like with a majority.

It took Egyptians 3 decades and Libyans more than 4 decades to get rid of their dictator.

How long before we get rid of ours?

WTF? Shots fired near G20 site and they get away?

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No offense intended to our finest officers in the country, most of whom seem to be in Toronto at the moment, but news comes out that someone has fired an array of shots and they don’t catch him?


We’ve just blown more than $1.2 billion (and climbing) on ‘security’ and Yosemite Sam just walks away?


THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL.  It seems like someone has just stolen $1.2 billion from Canadian taxpayers, so I suggest a full audit of who’s getting the money.