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What Side For Ben & Jerry’s With #occupywallstreet?

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Earlier this week, a Ben & Jerry’s store caught the attention of many #occupywallstreet protesters when they were seen to be profiting from the protest.

… But that evening, protesters expressed mixed feelings about corporations latching onto their cause. Some, like Jules Caldarera, a 20-year-old student from New Mexico, were excited to see support from a high-profile company like Ben & Jerry’s. Many didn’t realize that the ice cream was from Ben & Jerry’s. Others found it strange that any company would support an anti-corporate protest.

“It’s problematic,” says Donal Foreman, a 26-year-old from Ireland. Foreman has been attending the protests since their launch but wasn’t there to eat any of the free treats during the day on Tuesday. “Ben & Jerry’s is co-opting the movement.”

The Ben & Jerry’s board tried to show support for the movement:

Regardless, the brand has aligned itself with Occupy Wall Street’s values. In its statement, Ben & Jerry’s independent board of directors decries “the inequity that exists between classes in our country,” as well as the fact that “corporations are permitted to spend unlimited resources to influence elections while stockpiling a trillion dollars rather than hiring people.”

Of course, who can blame them for trying to elevate their brand and garner a little attention for their efforts in the community, right?

The unfortunate reality is that Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Unilever and they are ultimately part of the problem so long as their parent company insists on using genetically modified ingredients in their foods (including Ben & Jerry’s?), pushing forward with sexist and misogynist ads for Axe and pushing for corporate tax breaks.

Sorry folks … until Ben & Jerry’s owners choose to divest themselves for corporations like Unilever, they’re part of the problem not the solution and they’re just making the situation that much more awkward.

70% Agree: Occupy Wall Street Reflects Their Concerns About Corporate Greed

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70% of respondents to a FOX poll (yes, FOX, no less) agree that the Occupy Wall Street movement reflects their concerns that the United States economy and government is being undermined by excessive corporate greed.

Take the poll yourself.

And after you do that, remind everyone around you that it’s time for the corporate free ride to end.

#occupywallstreet grows while MSM misses the message

A massive union in the US – the New York Transit Workers Union – has just voted to join the massive and growing protests related to #occupywallstreet in New York.

This after there were voices saying that the NYPD may stop the violent arrests of protesters as the anti-Wall Street movement grows.

I’ve seen a few comments about the #occupywallstreet campaign, but the most obvious effort has been with Keith Olbermann, who of course, has been the only ‘mainstreamer’ to comment on the lack of commentary on the situation:

What do you think?

Is the protest being ignored?

Fake Fiscal Emergencies

Time and time again, we’re hearing about ‘austerity’.

It’s a very carefully constructed and managed lie, manufactured by conservative governments everywhere.

Look at Canada’s financial situation:  in 2008 the structural deficit ballooned under the management of Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper, but two very important fiscal adjustments were made that created this deficit:

  • The transfer of nearly $15 billion in Canadian taxpayer funds to the automakers GM and Chrysler, to be repaid at a later date
  • The coverage of nearly $75 billion in fiscal mismanagement on behalf of the country’s biggest banks
  • Massive corporate tax cuts that have been a complete failure when it comes to job creation or new investment

These efforts, combined with an array of other shell-game shenanigans, have resulted in an unprecedented fake fiscal deficit that would be easily covered when both the bad loans from the banks and the bailouts are repaid to the Canadian government.

In the US, we hear about Obama trying to get the OK to print more money and if he doesn’t, he’ll have to attack and maim the coveted Social Security fund in the US.  Doing so should be considered an act of treason by almost all pensioners in the country, as it would mark a final blow to the country’s ability to disguise the massive waste of money that goes into the military, security and prisons.

Meanwhile, his latest fiscal stimulus package is nothing but handouts and tax cuts for the rich, further eroding any modicum of fairness between 99% of the American population that no longer ‘has’ and the less than 1% that control us.

On an even bigger scale, we now hear about Christine Lagarde and other drones with the IMF – the International Mugger of Finances – and how it’s broke and will need more of our money to bail out countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain.  Europe is falling apart mainly because taxpayer funds have been squandered on wars, not the people that live there.  That said, deregulating the infrastructure will result in financial chaos, as predicted by Global Research.

The question gets repeated:  “When will people start to be punished for not keeping their financial houses in order?”  Clearly, on the surface, this should be a reasonable question, but it’s imperative that we lift a few rocks and expose the real worms that are crawling around in the halls of public finance:  the military that pushes us into more wars, security contractors out to corral our every action, private prison companies that can only build bigger prison farms and not invest in social rehabilitation, and so on.

Indeed, austerity measures turn wrongly to the perceived ‘takers’ in this fiasco:  teachers, garbage collectors and other unionized employees that are the only ones it seems that are capable of keeping decent paying jobs or other public employees and bureaucrats that are really only the problem when they give in to the corporatocracy that surrounds them and threatens to suffocate them or pensioners that no longer have a voice in the financial affairs of a country or the energy to protest against being treated like vermin after giving so much to their countries.

The anger and rage has been intentionally misdirected by the media and those that control it.

The true message should be voiced often in the public:  it’s time we stop borrowing and printing money, we must stop spending and stop slashing public budgets without scrutinizing the real costs within these budgets.

Finally, with actions like #occupywallstreet, history is in the making where tens of thousands of people are focusing on the true criminals, but the media institutions do little to nothing to actually cover these protests.  Or abuses of power by the police and the creation of ‘instant’ no protest zones.

Update:  Reports are that NYPD police officers are not showing up for work in solidarity with the protesters.

I truly hope it’s not long before the police return to working for the public instead of their corporate puppeteers when austerity measures cut back on their payrolls and pensions.

It may have been an Arab Spring, but all signs point to an American Fall.