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Jack’s Jump the Shark Moment

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I’m calling it:  Jack Layton has jumped the shark.

OK … maybe many others have called it earlier (if even by a few days), but there’s no going back from the mess that Jack Layton has created for himself and I’m going to pile on to that point of view.

Suggesting that the NDP can’t be blamed for the death of the gun registry is akin to saying that your heart doesn’t help your blood flow.

For those of you looking for a solution to the Gun Registry situation, Scott Tribe posts a compromise recommendation for Jack and Michael to consider.


However, I am concerned that Jack will continue to play games with Stevie as opposed to creating real solutions that all Canadians will be proud of.

The image above reminds us that Jack Layton has been working to keep Stephen Harper in power for some time, not just as a result of the gun registry, but ever since he got bluffed by Stephen Harper into making a grab for a few more seats in 2006 and helped defeat Paul Martin’s Liberal government.

(NOTE:  For the record, I am not a Liberal or an NDPer.  I’m lost as far as who I would trust to earn my vote.)

As Jack Layton or members of the NDP continue to prop up the Conservatives, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the ‘socialists’ are just henchmen for the Cons.

Failing to differentiate the NDP from the most right-wing organization in Canada is a massive error and will cost the NDP dearly, both in terms of financial and voter support.  Their efforts to find concession will result in the Liberals being seen as Canada’s only progressive option.

Jack Layton needs to stop looking at the Liberals like they’re competition.  Jack Layton needs to start developing a plan for getting rid of the Conservatives, including concerted marketing effort across all opposition parties (including the Green Party) to remind Canadians that coalitions, even including separatists, are OK.

Jack and Michael need to work together to defeat the Conservatives at every turn before the DNA of this country is turned to mush (although it may be too late for that).  They should figure out every possible political angle they can to maximize the number of seats that they can get in the next election, including the removal of candidates in key ridings.

If Jack fails on this, the urban population will dump the dippers in droves and the NDP will be caput.

If the NDP survives this, there should be a leadership review for the NDP, but we know that will be pointless because the NDP is run by the unions and individual members will be shut out.

As such, the NDP is done as a party in Canada.

The Liberals know it and they’re distancing themselves in a big way from the NDP politically and likely in the polls as well.

All of this brings us back to why Stephen Harper will be in control for a very long time.  The Liberals and NDP refuse to play nice and bring the government down.  They are sworn enemies and will do anything to avoid concession, including returning democracy to Canadians.

Because Jack and Mikey won’t be able to play nice, we’ll all be screwed by Stevie.

Boycotting Quebecor: Petition to CRTC

Posted on by 1 comment has started a petition to encourage the support of Konrad von Finckenstein, head of the CRTC, to prevent ‘Fox News North’ (a subsidiary and entity managed by Quebecor Media Inc) from launching in Canada.

However, please also remember that an effective petition against Fox (and supporting the CRTC) should also include a boycott of Quebecor Media Inc, all subsidiaries and the companies that advertise on their sites.

Please spread the word that Canadians will not tolerate the abuse of media that QMI, Quebecor, Sun Papers, Canoe and other subsidiaries impose on us every day and that they will bury us with if Fox News North goes live in the coming months.

Steve is Stuck in the 50s

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I figured it out.  Canada has its own version of a very uncool, very unpopular Austin Powers.  In fact, I need to correct myself:  we have a version of Dr. Evil (I wish I was good at doing image mockups, but I think you get where I’m going with this).

Stephen Harper has found a time machine and has dropped the entire nation of Canada in the 1950s.

You don’t believe me?

  • The Cold War is still going on.  The evil Ruskies are everywhere.  (Is our PM really trying to pick a fight with Russia?  Really?  Does he think we’re all that stupid?  Don’t answer … we are.)
  • Everyone is white and Canada belongs to ‘Europeans’.
  • McCarthyism is in full swing.  Fear and reprisal are everywhere.  No one can be trusted.  Arrests of ‘terrorists’ are constant, ongoing and ubiquitous.  We will fill jails with those that oppose us.
  • Roads and the auto industry are the only things worth saving in this country, but it’s too bad those damn unions are gumming things up.
  • There is no “Internet”.  It’s just print and TV and our friends in those media universes will help us ‘shape’ our messages to Canadians (just like our friend Goebbels did in the 30s and 40s!)
  • We fold the map of time and our political landscape follows Dief the Chief and no one else.  The Liberal domination from the 1960s onwards never happened.
  • Women are supposed to be bare-foot and pregnant in the kitchen (or publicly humiliated when they act up a bit).
  • GOD is the only religion, dammit.  Everything else is magic and witchcraft (and should be punishable by death, a la Sun editorials).

In the progressive world and for most others, we know this isn’t true, but Stevie and his 15-20% of Canada’s population as minions are stuck in the 50s.

What can we do to move forward?

How do we end Canada’s pain?

Boycotting Quebecor: Canada Inc

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I LOVE this!

A Creative Revolution has done a fine job of reminding us who Stevie and the gang work for.

Of particular interest is the note about Faux News, starting around 3 minutes.

Keep the boycott rolling!

Whipping the NDP: Jack Won’t, So We Will

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Jack Layton just won’t do his job.

Jack won’t whip (or at least kindly ask) his rural MPs to vote against the private member’s bill in the House of Commons.  For more background on this, read my original post.

The rationale is that he won’t whip his fellow MPs into a position that their constituents may not want.  I understand, but will tell you that a good leader won’t have to use ‘whipping’ to convince his MPs that they’re doing the right thing.

However, this won’t happen and it throws the leadership of the NDP into question.

But that’s a longer and more involved issue that we have to return to later.

In the interim, we (you, me and everyone else that cares about safety in Canada) have some work to do.

Below is a full list of NDP MPs that may wind up supporting the private member’s bill and the Conservative effort to dissolve the Gun Registry.

Ask them what makes them smarter about this than the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

Remind them that for every vote they keep in a rural riding (assuming we have an election tomorrow, which we won’t), they’ll likely lose 10-100 votes in urban areas.

I sure as hell won’t vote for the NDP if this get through!

Here’s a quick list of all of the email addresses so you can copy/paste them to your email:,,,,,,,,,,,

And here are the details (remember that calling is much more effective than emailing):

Allen, Malcolm
T: 905-788-2204
Ottawa: 613-995-0988

Angus, Charlie
Timmins/James Bay
T: 705-567-2747
Ottawa: 613-992-2919

Ashton, Niki
T: 866-785-0522
Ottawa: 613-992-3018

Bevington, Dennis
Western Arctic
T: 867-873-6995
Ottawa: 613-992-4587

Cullen, Nathan
Skeena Bulkley Valley
T: (250) 877-4140
Ottawa: 613 993 6654

Gravelle, Claude
Nickel Belt
T: 705-897-2222
Ottawa: 613-995-9107

Hughes, Carol
Algoma / Manitoulin / Kapuskasing
T: 705-848-8080
Ottawa: 613-996-5376

Hyer, Bruce
Thunder Bay / Superior North
T: 807-345-1818
Ottawa: 613 996 4792

Maloway, Jim
Elmwood / Transcona
T: 204-984-2499
Ottawa: 613-995-6339

Rafferty, John
Thunder Bay / Rainy River
T: 807-623-6000
Ottawa: 613 992 3061

Stoffer, Peter
Sackville / Eastern Shore
T: 902-861-2311
Ottawa: 613-995-5822

Thibeault, Glenn
T: 705-673-7107
Ottawa: 613-996-8962

Call them today.  Tell your friends to call them.  Remind them of the cost to the popularity of the NDP if they fail to support such a simple and basic way to keep our cities safe.