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MayDay 2011: Harper Lies About the NDP, Prices and Deficits

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Stephen Harper has a Master’s in Economics, but he doesn’t seem to understand the fundamentals.  Once again, we hear him spreading nonsense and lies about the NDP and Liberal platforms.

As a reminder, Steve, here are the basics:  when you have a government that is committed to competition as opposed to a corporate driven monopolistic theocracy, you get price competition as well.  Prices go DOWN.

When you’re a corporate stooge and you’re doing what the media conglomerates, oil companies and food chains want you to do, prices go UP.

Competition is what the NDP would certainly bring and it’s likely what the Greens and Liberals would bring as well on Monday.

The only prices that will likely rise are those of gas, but the whole point of carbon taxation is to discourage wasteful things.  I know we all drive, but we’re going to have to take responsibility for what we’re doing and stop passing the buck to future generations, both in terms of lack of resources, but also in terms of environment disaster.

When it comes to the deficit, it’s easy to speculate that the NDP are not in the pockets of the world’s largest bankers.  Therefore, their primary objective would be – and always has been – deficit reduction.  We’ve seen that the NDP outranks all other political stripes when it comes to budget management and we’d likely see the same continue with a coalition lead by Jack Layton and the NDP.  Research acknowledgement to Buckdog.


Finally, good financial management takes the burden off borrowing costs, lowering the interest that you have to pay to the world’s biggest lenders and financiers.  As a result, the overall real cost of borrowing drops, lowering the cost to all Canadians of carrying any debt, if any.

I hate to take you back to your school days, Stephen Harper, but once again you’re lying about the other parties in order to deflect from your own bad management.  Changing the rules for Income Trusts, benefits for only the rich, driving up the cost of EI for small employers (effectively reducing new hires) and not addressing the lack of competition in this country are just a few examples.

It’s time for Canada to FIRE YOU.

MayDay 2011: Would Harper Use Canadian Funds to Privatize Prisons?

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We all agree that Stephen Harper and the Conservaclones are just copies of the more staunch and obvious Republicans in the United States, so this story should be considered fair warning for Canadians that are concerned about prison plans in this country.

First, we still don’t know what they will cost.

Second, we don’t know why they’re needed since crime is going down.

Finally, the prospect of using taxpayer funds to eventually privatize prisons is simply a disgusting waste of money.

We all know that this might happen, however.  The Ontario Conservatives used public funds to build a toll-road across the GTA and eventually sold it for a song to a private consortium, effectively relinquishing taxation powers to a private group.

This is a classic case of how conservatives (the CPC in Canada or Republicans in the US) create government waste and deficit and ultimately cry poor based on unreasonable expectations set by corporate-controlled organizations like the IMF and World Bank.  They then liquidate public assets at fire-sale prices in order to ‘balance the books’, literally giving these assets away to private companies.

Don’t let it happen in Canada.  Vote on May 2, 2011.

MayDay 2011: Reposts

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As the clock winds down, I’ll be re-posting a few of the more popular articles that I’ve written over the last few weeks.  Site traffic, links and comments will be the main gauge, but I may also add in a few that I feel are important reminders of why this election is so important.

It’s been fun!

I thank all of those who read what I’ve dribbled on about and hope that I’ve helped ‘the greater good’ in understanding what’s at stake for Canadians on May 2, 2011.

I’ll also repeat this message with this and every post over the next 72 hours or so:  VOTE.  TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE.

We need it.

MayDay 2011: PMO Encouraging Tax Avoidance?

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We all know that Stephen Harper is a libertarian in Conservative clothing, stating on many occasions that the only good tax is no tax, but I had no idea he would encourage what might look like tax avoidance.

OK … that might be a stretch, but an odd case that came up last week that needs to be repeated.  Apparently, the cleaning company that is hired by the federal government to take care of the Prime Minister’s office and other federal buildings was encouraging cash payments to its employees in order to dodge minimum wage requirements.

Admittedly, this is just a tiny story, but it gives a hint to the character of the PMO when they outsource simple tasks like cleaning.

MayDay 2011: The Globe Fails Canadians

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The Globe and Mail is just one cog in a massive media engine known as BCE Inc.

A few days back, the Globe did the predictable and recommended that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are the ones to be trusted and voted for on May 2.

Unfortunately, it seems the Globe has not done ANY homework on the man and his party.

Does the Globe not realize that the Auditor General has effectively accused the Conservatives of stealing from Canadians?

Does the Globe not realize that Canadians have had enough of criminals running their Parliament, pretending that they represent a majority of this country’s voters?

Does the Globe not realize that hundreds of millions have been spent on media by the Conservatives on the Economic (Distr)Action Plan, profiting all of their journalists, writers, sales people and other staff as a result, tainting their opinion and effectively making it moot?

Does the Globe not realize that there are at least a dozen SERIOUS investigations pending into the wrongdoings of the 40th Parliament?

Does the Globe not realize that Stephen Harper is lying to Canadians when he blames the opposition parties for dissolution of government, when in fact it was the Speaker of the House that declared that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were in contempt of Parliament for not coming clean with expenses and costs for their programs?

Does the Globe not realize that the Conservatives are the poorest managers of money that we’ve had in this country since the previous winners of such a dubious achievement, the Mulroney government?

Does the Globe not realize that the Harper government has out-spent the Mulroney government?

Does the Globe not realize that Canada is an international embarrassment and that Canadians are ashamed of their government and our rapidly declining status as a respectable nation?

Does the Globe not realize that its time has come as well?

Too much is riding on this election for this complete show of ignorance.

If you subscribe to the Globe, cancel your subscription.