December 4, 2008

A Challenge to All Media Companies: Reject Conservative Ads

By admin

As GM, Shopper’s Drug Mart and other companies yank their media budgets from TV and print ads, this challenge will be difficult to swallow, but hear me out.

We all know Stephen Harper has done a very bad thing.  He has just leaned on the Governor General to declare him dictator of Canada for another 54 days to January 27, 2009 at which point we can finally vote him down.

Until then, Canadians will have to suffer the sweater vest, the sibilant vitriol and the scheming in the backrooms (his seem to be OK) for seven weeks as they try to sell us the Conservative caucus like Satan’s snake selling Eve the Tree of Knowledge.

Yes, this is deceit on a Biblical scale.

So to the point:  if you run a newspaper or program a TV show and you believe in democracy, you will reject their ads.  You will avoid the temptation to profit from the bile of the Conservatives because you believe it’s important to take the high road.

There is nothing noble in what has happened today and you must be willing to acknowledge it.

In fact, the opportunity is for you to shout from the roof tops and publish articles and stories about how you are rejecting all ads during these times in order to let Canadians take the lead.

I repeat:  this is not a time to profit from this madness.  Step aside.  If you don’t, the outcome could be very costly.

Just look at what’s happening to Canwest . They’ve lost their objectivity and Canadians along with the markets are punishing them for it.