November 30, 2008

Iceland Riots: Precursor for What’s to Come?

By admin

Last week, the people of Iceland broke into riot in protest of the direction that their government was taking in wake of the ‘financial crisis’.  More here . I think they reached the tipping point in being told a spew of BS about the need to tighten our belts etc etc etc.

I think sometimes we give neo-cons for thinking too far ahead.  In fact, maybe that’s their problem:  it’s impossible for them to live in the here and now.

The Harpocrisy made a similar mistake in mis-judging the will of the people.  In the case of Canada, our politicians, motivated by self-interest finally started acting in the interest of all Canadians, lest we find ourselves in complete civil unrest.

Since Friday, the Conservatives have backed down, so what was the point of the statement in the first place?

Now what happened probably won’t occur in Canada.  At least, let’s hope not.