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October 15, 2008

Canadian Election: Next Steps

Well, another day, another $300,000,000 down the drain. Or was it? Last night, Canada voted.  What did we prove? Here are my thoughts. The two ‘traditional’ parties (Conservatives & Liberals) are flailing: The Cons got (nearly) the same vote as the last election The Liberals got pounded and Dion has already made his ‘I’ll do what you want’ speech The NDP & Greens did exceptionally […]

October 13, 2008

Canadian Election: Best / Worst Moments

As the election looms, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the 2008 Canadian election and let you know what I thought were the top best/worst moments for me.  Please post yours below as well – I would appreciate your thoughts. The best moments for me, in no particular order, were the following: This rant , which was nominated ‘best rant of the […]