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Western Hypocrisy Exposed: NATO War Crimes?

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NATO is poised to attack Libya in the wake of uprisings in that African country.

Libyan leader Moammar Ghaddafi has attacked hundreds of his citizens in an effort to protect his fiefdom.

In the wake of the situation, Western hypocrisy is exposed once again.

Understandably, Moammar Ghaddafi should stand trial for war crimes against his people.  But SNC Lavalin is building prisons for people that oppose him.  Should they too stand trial for war crimes?

And what of NATO?  This is the same NATO that in 2010 killed nearly 20% of the 1,000+ civilians killed in Afghanistan as a direct result of military actions in that country, although these estimates vary widely.

To what extent are we accountable for our own war crimes?

The US Attacks Pakistan … and We Do Nothing

Did you hear that?  The US just invaded another country.  Oh.  You didn’t?  You wouldn’t if you were watching TV.  It wasn’t really reported.  If it was, it was stated that the US has had some kind of presence in Pakistan for years.

Who’s next?  Iran?  India?  Canada?

When will we make them stop?

Here are some stories related to the attack:



The Guardian UK on the US attack of Pakistan.

Some copy from the People’s Forum article:

American forces launched a raid inside Pakistan Wednesday, a senior U.S. military official said, in the first known U.S. ground assault in Pakistan against a suspected Taliban haven. The government condemned the attack, saying it killed at least 15 people.

The American official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of cross border operations, told The Associated Press that the raid occurred on Pakistani soil about one mile from the Afghan border. The official didn’t provide any other details.