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Mysteries Surrounding the GOP Race, MSM, CNN and the CBC

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I didn’t think I’d really care about what happens with the GOP (Republican) race in the US, but the reality is that there is one candidate that makes sense to me:  Ron Paul.

And there’s something that doesn’t make sense to me:  the coverage (or lack thereof) of this candidate and the other candidates being presented as the most likely to win.

How did Gingrich win South Carolina when he couldn’t even ‘pack’ a staged event?

The mainstream media wants to pretend he doesn’t exist and the GOP is engaging in vote fraud (what else is new, Bush 2000, Bush 2004) to ensure that either Gingrich or Romney win the Republican title.

Here are some examples of this disturbing trend:

CNN in the US has completely dropped Ron Paul from the list of Republican candidates, possibly because some of the people with CNN are married to the military establishment, but possibly because Ron Paul simply sends a message that they don’t like.

In a CNN poll buried along the right-hand column of the same news page, there’s a poll.  Here were the results yesterday afternoon, with more than 250,000 people answering the question:

CNN South Carolina Survey Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the leader, fighting it out with Romney.  Gingrich is a distant third.

If you don’t like these numbers, how about a little comedy from Jon Stewart:

What’s important is the lack of fair coverage with the likes of CNN.  The question is why?  Why would they risk any journalistic integrity that they purport to have and avoid coverage of this viable candidate.

Follow the moneyMany of the key players are the establishment that Ron Paul wants to do away with.  Anderson Cooper, ex-CIA, is also a member of the prestigious Vanderbilt family which, along with JP Morgan, Rockefeller and others, pushed the US into reviving the Federal Reserve.

Under Ron Paul, many supporters hope that the military would face severe cuts (although this remains to be seen).  CNN reporter Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan, influential employee with Tate Powell, a lobby group in Washington.  Tate Powell also happens to represent the US military, US Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other organizations that wouldn’t be in favour of big cuts to the pork-barreling politics that is the US government today.

Now, I don’t really care about all of this, but I feel it’s important for people to understand that there are bigger things at play when it comes to what’s happening in US politics.

What I am truly bothered by is how the CBC trundles along with all of this crap and reports on how Ron Paul is a nobody and he’s ‘fading’.  If you look at the poll above, Paul is IN THE LEAD with popular vote, not fading.

Why would the CBC ‘shape news’ like this for Canadians when they have nothing to gain from it?

The only clue available on the links above is that the story is regurgitated from the Canadian Press, Canada’s for-profit propaganda source owned by Bell and others.  Perhaps they have everything to gain from unending war from the US?

Enough Harper

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Monday Parliament: Pre-Emptive Strike Needed

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We all know that our slimy politicians will cave to big Steve on Tuesday, the day of the budget.  They’ve been working on back-room deals that will cut them (oops … their ridings) big cheques in the form of renewed pork barreling (oops … infrastructure spend) over the coming months.

Steve will survive again and the Canadian government – Canada even – will suffer for it.

Are there any politicians out there that have what it takes to rise above Steve’s disastrous and scandalous leadership of this country?  If so, can you please issue a vote of non-confidence on Monday BEFORE Steve is able to deliver a budget on Tuesday?

I didn’t think so …

The only Canadians that don’t want an election right now are our politicians.  The rest of this nation is begging for an opportunity to boot these crooks from office.  ALL of them, including the Liberals and the Dippers.

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NDP Donor Dollars Flushed Down the Drain

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NDP donor dollars have been flushed down the drain by a stale and (some might argue) typical political campaign.  Controversy has already arisen concerning the talent used in the ads (photos of elderly people were taken from Danish stock photos).

The plan is to push these ads through to a national audience, but do you think anyone is really watching?

In terms of logistics with buying the ads, do you think the NDP got a break from networks like the CTV or Global?  Or SUN TV?  Give me a break.  These networks are diametrically opposed to anything the NDP stands for – except maybe keeping the Cons in office.

Also, these same networks probably have mega-discounts on offer for the Cons given their repeat business with propaganda like the “Canadian Economic (Distr)Action Plan.

You’re not getting the same bang for the buck and you’re reaching an audience that’s just as stale as your ad campaign.

C’mon Jack.  We need you to do better than this.

A campaign like this – if it’s truly national and leverages all networks – would have cost at least a million.  Probably more.

Give an 18-year-old and their Facebook friends that kind of cash and I swear you’ll triple your investment in donations in the time it takes to say ‘We got hosed’.  Or hire the same group of kids to knock on doors and tell your story.

This approach – traditional ads built with what few dollars you have – showcase that the NDP just aren’t there any more.

Of course, they’re just doing what everyone else is doing.  Wasting our dollars broadcasting and shouting at us when they should be trying to create conversations.

We need something fresh from all political walks of life.

NDP Media Strategy = Epic Fail

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I am concerned that the NDP has embarked on an epic mission to begin buying media in a run-up to a federal election.

This will be an epic fail. (Perhaps Hack Layton is aware of this and this is why he is busy negotiating and selling out all remaining dignity of the progressive left to form Canada’s latest Conservative-NDP coalition).

Getting back on track:  The inspiration for this piece was a call I received the other night from a volunteer who was raising funds for the NDP.

Mistake #1:  This person made the mistake of suggesting that they had to start planning their media buys now in anticipation of a major campaign some time later in the spring.

Mistake #2:  Booking all of this media when an election may not even happen will result in significant cancellation fees.

Mistake #3:  Planning a media campaign that revolves around dead traditional media formats.

Mistake #4 (and the biggest one of all):  trusting your media campaign to people that want you to fail.

Why does the NDP insist on lining the pockets of those who would destroy them?

Do we all think companies like Sun Media, Bell or Rogers give a shit about the NDP when it comes to election issues?  Do you think they’ll give the NDP the same level of discounts or rebates that the Cons will get?  Or maybe even the Liberals?

No … but they’ll gladly take their money as election fever ramps up.

Spending donations from me or hundreds of thousands of other Canadians on companies that seek to destroy our liberties is madness, to say the very least.  They would dump buckets of cash into the same machine that is bringing us lying via journalism and usage-based billing.

The best thing for all opposition parties to do would be to push a media boycott out into mainstream media.  Stop buying TV space on CTV.  Stop buying full-page ads in Maclean’s and the Globe.  Don’t bother with radio ads that belong to Astral stations.

Really think about ways that you can get grassroots momentum.

I’m not normally in the habit of giving free media strategy advice, but the reality is that getting 50,000 or 100,000 Facebook followers is easy.  Give them something to ‘Like’.

Getting people to re-tweet your content is basic.  Push up the volume on getting the public pissed off.

Wasting millions of donations on old media and companies that want your party buried is just sad.