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The Glimmer of Hope in the Khadr Circus (er … trial)

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I have to thank Disaffected Lib for this article and commentary related to the UN condemning the Omar Khadr trial.

It is and will be a complete farce.   Using information ‘solicited’ while someone is under ‘duress’ is not information.  It’s a tainted plea for mercy.

Allowing a trial to proceed with evidence based on torture is just plain wrong.

If our government had any consideration for the plight of Canadians, they would have brought Khadr back long ago.  But they didn’t and here we are.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope … no matter how small.

As the judge in the trial declared, information obtained by any means of coercion will likely be admissible in this case.  The ‘hope’ is that in order to make this information known, the Khadr defense should insist on seeing exact video for at least 60 minutes prior to and after such evidence was obtained.

This way we’ll know for sure if the information is voluntary or not.

More importantly, the face of torture in the US and American society will be revealed, humiliating Americans and shaming them into the lowest of the low when it comes to respect for basic human dignities and rights.  Everyone around the world will see how Americans are treating people and expose them for being the grandest of hypocrites.

Unfortunately, Khadr may have to become a martyr to prove just how vile and corrupt the American war machine has become.

Canada Not the Only Country Facing Detainee Issues

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Media Matters for America posted a rebuttal of sorts to the propaganda bombs being dropped in the Washington Post.

Expect to see similar BS come our way in order to defend the war crimes of the Harper Regime.

Submit Your Complaints to the ICC

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Now that Slippery Steve Harper has run out the clock in Parliament, we need to consider another and different point of action with the Afghanistan detainee torture issue.

So long as the Conservatives are running our country, our ability as a nation to govern ourselves and take the right and moral high road will be forfeit.

However, submitting complaints and organizing a petition to the International Criminal Court may be the answer.

Please take action.  Our dignity and pride depend on it.

The International Criminal Court ‘contact us’ page can be found here.

More details are pasted below.

For information

About the ICC, please contact
Laurence Blairon +31 (0)70 515 8714

About the ICC Office of the Prosecutor, please contact
Nicola Fletcher +31 (0)70 515 8071

To subscribe to the Press and Media Mailing list

Please complete this form and send it to : PublicAffairs.Unit@icc-cpi.int

To visit ICC

Postal Address

International Criminal Court
Po Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague
The Netherlands

Canada Reaching Up to Touch Bottom: Natynczyk Changes Story on Detainees

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Oh, Canada.

Where have you gone?

Under the Cons, we are international pariahs.

We are an embarassment.

We are in the early stages of facing constant and repeated humiliation.

Today, Walter Natynczyk drastically altered his public account of Canada’s activity and knowledge of torture and abuse of Afghani detainees.  Original CBC story here.

Shortly after, Peter Mackay (current Minister of Defence), Gordon O’Connor (former Minister of Defence) and Lawrence Cannon (current Minister of Foreign Affairs) all sat before the Commons Committee on the Afghan Mission repeating their stories that they knew nothing about the situation.

As I’ve said before, Slippery Steve will NOT be part of these discussions, but given the level of control exerted by the PMO, it’s imperative that the Opposition find something that will stick to him.

Our future as a nation depends on it.

NDP Calls for Peter Mackay to Step Aside

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Earlier today, the NDP issued a press release calling for the resignation of Peter Mackay.

This is not a surprising announcement.

What’s important is that the NDP keep up the pressure on the Harper Regime, all the while trying to differentiate themselves from the Liberals so that they can rise above this mess when there is an election (and there will be one soon).

What’s even more important is that they find a way to connect the PMO with what’s happened in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, Harper is probably quite delighted that his old rival, Peter Mackay, will take the fall for this mess.

In fact, if you’re a Conservative, consider this:  why is it that nothing ever sticks to our Teflon PM?  Do you really enjoy working in an such an intensely toxic environment where nothing ever actually gets done and your leader constantly throws his supporters to the sharks like minnows at mid-day feeding time?

Remind yourself:  what matters to Harper?  Harper and absolutely nothing else.