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URGENT: Action on Close Ridings

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I post the following with some continued misgivings about strategic voting, but trust all of you to decide what to do with the information:

According to Vote for Environment’s polling info, there are currently 62 ridings in which a conservative is leading WHICH COULD BE WON BY THE PARTY IN SECOND PLACE if a number of those voting for the 3rd to 6th place candidates switched their votes.

The following 7 ridings need 150 – 990 votes to switch so that the party in second place could win:

Richmond – Lib 2nd – needs 150 votes
Ottawa South – Lib 2nd – needs 236 votes
Newton North Delta – Lib 2nd – needs 373 votes
Vancouver Quadra – Lib 2nd – needs 608 votes
Saskatoon/Rosetown/Biggar – NDP 2nd – needs 804 votes
Mississauga Erindale – Lib 2nd – needs 925 votes
Vancouver Island North – NDP 2nd – Catherine Bell needs 990 more votes

The following 17 ridings need 1,000 – 3,500 votes to switch for the candidate in 2nd place to win:

W. Vancouver, Sunshine coast – Lib 2nd – needs 1262 votes
Winnipeg – Lib 2nd – needs 1305 votes
Regina – Quappelle – NDP 2nd – needs 1533 votes
Mississauga South – Lib 2nd – needs 1569 votes
Edmonton Strathcona – NDP 2nd – needs 1823 votes
Oshawa – NDP 2nd – needs 1857 votes
Desnethe Mississippi Churchill River – Lib 2nd – needs 1867 votes
Palliser – NDP 2nd – needs 2125 votes
Saanich – Gulf Islands – Lib 2nd – Briony Penn needs 2150 more votes
Huron Bruce – Lib 2nd – needs 2317 votes
Central Nova – Greens 2nd – Elizabeth May needs 2330 votes
Fleetwood – Port Kells – Lib 2nd – needs 2779 votes
London West – Libs 2nd – needs 3005 votes
Parry Sound- Muskoka – Lib 2nd – needs 3305 votes
St John’s Mt Pearl – Lib 2nd – needs 3318 votes
Regina Lumsden Lake Centre – NDP 2nd – needs 3428 votes
Oakville – Lib 2nd – needs 3496 votes

This would result in 16 additional liberal seats, 7 additional NDP seats, a seat for Elizabeth May and a total of 24 fewer Conservative MPs.

There are 38 additional ridings in which voting for the 2nd place candidate could defeat a conservative with over 3,500 votes shifting. For details see the chart on www.voteforenvironment.ca
The link is: http://www.voteforenvironment.ca/sites/voteforenvironment.ca/files/SplitVoteEffectfinal.pdf


Vote for Environment: We are the majority

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I’ve changed this article, thanks to feedback from ‘jamthebruce’ (see comments below).

I actually thought that Avaaz was started in Canada, but I stand to be corrected.  More importantly (thanks to Jam’s insights), it’s apparent that the notion of ‘vote splitting’ and ‘voting strategically’ is a bit of a tempest in a teapot that does more harm to NDP and Green voters than it does Liberals.

Obviously, this is disturbing to me because it reinforces the notion that you simply have to finally and absolutely vote with the party that you favour and would prefer to see in office.  Strategic voting ceases to make sense when things like party funding formulas are concerned.

For those who are curious, here’s my original post:

I’ve been wrestling with this issue quite a bit andlike what I see with this site:


Even if you disagree with what they have to say, they do provide a substantial amount of information that I haven’t been able to get elsewhere, including the most recent and hopefully accurate polling data (although calling poll data reliable is a stretch).

(PS:  for those of you who posted links to this site, thank you).