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Toronto Police: Sticking to the Script?

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This is a great piece by Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star.

Enjoy the day, spread peaceful messages and whatever you do, please don’t break stuff (or throw rocks).

It makes the rest of us look bad!

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WTF? Shots fired near G20 site and they get away?

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No offense intended to our finest officers in the country, most of whom seem to be in Toronto at the moment, but news comes out that someone has fired an array of shots and they don’t catch him?


We’ve just blown more than $1.2 billion (and climbing) on ‘security’ and Yosemite Sam just walks away?


THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL.  It seems like someone has just stolen $1.2 billion from Canadian taxpayers, so I suggest a full audit of who’s getting the money.

Timing is Everything: Libby Davies and the G20

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Libby Davies got ‘punk’d’ the other day when she was approached by a blogger and she made comments about the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  She made a mistake in stating that the occupation began in 1948 (which it effectively did) instead of 1967 and has been the longest occupation in human kind (which it really hasn’t when you look at the history of Rome or other ancient cultures).

Anyways, while some people have lead themselves to think she made a mistake, it’s certainly not one that validates a resignation from this exceptional and committed Parliamentarian.

Regardless of how the actual date is interpreted, she has since apologized in a number of fora, but calls still come from the Con back benches for her to abort her seat.

This, despite the fact that at least 9 civilians and humanitarians were murdered in open seas by Israeli pirates and no one has the stones to stand up to them.  The only thing that might happen is an investigation by the Israelis concerning the event.  What better way to cover your ass than to get permission to report and judge your own crimes?

In this entire situation, how many Conservatives are being asked to resign because they’re supporting murderers?


So … what’s this REALLY all about?


All this has happened just a few days before the launch of the G8 / G20 summits.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as Libby Davies was one of the most active protesters at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and she will likely move forward and legitimize a number of protests against the authoritarian and ridiculous activities associated with the most wasteful and unproductive meetings on the planet.

The timing is perfect because it’s an intentional effort to smear someone who will be extremely vocal – and visible – against the Cons over the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, rumours swirl that even people within the NDP caucus are demanding an explanation and possibly a reprimand from Jacko.  Don’t do it Layton.  It’ll destroy any street cred you’ve got left (and you don’t have much).

Support her.  Applaud her.  She deserves it.

The Cost of Carbon: A History of Oil Spills

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The Star had a feature on the weekend showing the history of oil spills around the world.  They took a slight more sinister approach by suggesting that these are oil spills we haven’t heard of.

Have we?

I have to admit, most were news to me.

However, by the time BP has finally got their act together, my guess is that the estimate for oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexicoil will be 200-250 million gallons, making it the second largest ever.

Bilderberg Site?

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In the bulk of people, sites and organizations that have any suspicions about what’s going on in the world and who’s calling the shots, the ‘Bilderbergs’ almost always come up as the THEM that rule the planet.

The Bilderbergs have been notoriously secretive and have done their best over the last few decades to keep member names and meeting dates and times out of the public eye.

Mentioning the Bilderbergs would either get you the label of ‘shit bat crazy’ or ‘cunning conspiracy theorist’.

Well, as it happens, the Bilderbergers now have a web site.

Excuse me while I go wrap the tinfoil a littler tighter.

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