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Gas Prices and the Conservative Majority

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I feel it’s safe to say that as long as we’ve got a Conservative majority, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see any kind of investigation into the price of gas at the retail level.

Prices will continue to soar.  They reached a peak in Toronto the other day, topping out over $1.40 per litre.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see gas prices top out over $2.00 within a year or two.

The are numerous ironies in this situation:

  • While the Conservatives promised Canada no new taxes, this is exactly what we’re getting, as the primary beneficiary of gas price increases is none other than the Government of Canada.  Since May 2, taxes have effectively increased by about 12%.
  • While the Conservatives promised economic stability, nothing says ‘economic tsunami’ like a massive increase in the cost of living
  • Southern Ontario seems to be hardest hit with price increases, while places like Winnipeg and the Atlantic provinces are still paying a little more than a dollar for each litre of gas.  Coincidence?
  • The topper:  the people that will be hardest hit by gas prices are those same folks who tipped the scales in Ontario towards a Conservative majority.  The folks in the 905 area code (the ‘Ford Nation’) have just f***ed themselves royally by electing a government that could care less about their biggest daily expense:  gas.  Congratulations.  Enjoy the commute while paying top dollar for gas and thinking ‘gee … maybe I should have supported a government that would have gone after gas gluttons and who might have put two or three dollars into public transit’.

I love the irony of the last reality that we now live in.  Those people in the suburbs who have been bitching about rising taxes and increases in the cost of living and wanting to chuggle around in their Yukons or Tahoes will be subsidizing Stephen Harper’s tax breaks for rich folks in Alberta and Forest Hill.

Nicely done.

Next time – if there is one – think before you vote.

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MayDay 2011 Aftermath: Let the Distractions and Deflections Begin

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It’s just a couple of days after the election and a lot of mysteries remain:

  • Why was Stephen Harper campaigning on May 2 and why was he not found in breach of Elections Canada laws prohibiting such campaigning?
  • Why did Michael Ignatieff say yesterday that he’s returning to his ‘first love’ (teaching)?  Why the hell did the Liberal Party of Canada appoint someone who’s not committed to politics?
  • Will we be able to investigate just one of the many crimes laid down at the feet of the Conservatives or will these all get swept under the table?
  • Who released the documents about Jack Layton in the 11th hour of the election, putting a small fragment of doubt in the minds of Canadians about the NDP leader?
  • Who placed the illegal robo-calls and who told local voters that the polling stations had been changed?  A serious breach of ethics has occurred and I don’t think Canadians will ever know who’s behind it (but I think we can take a few guesses).
  • Why did polls surge for the NDP and the media start raving about the Orange Crush, only to begin trampling on them in post-election attacks?  Was it a carefully scripted program designed to split the vote, particularly in Ontario?

Instead, we’re obsessing about the age of the NDP candidates and actually lampooning the NDP for being the only party in the country that’s able to attract a young audience – a freakin miracle in this country if you ask me.

WTF is wrong with this country?  WTF is wrong with our media?

I even saw George Strombo taking a poke at how young the NDP caucus is.  All I could think is ‘what an asshole’.

In the post-election aftermath, everyone in the media are showing their true colours as hypocrites because when they bitch endlessly about getting youth to participate in politics and THEY DO (but just not for the Libs or Cons), it’s not acceptable and becomes full fodder for an endless array of daycare and diaper jokes.

Well, all I can suggest is that these folks are the future and those who sit on the sidelines with a bunch of 90-year-old white men will not have one.

Meanwhile, the Cons are probably already using this distraction to work on altering the massive array of lies that they told during the election and we’ll likely see the spin begin within days about why cuts have to be made to the likes of the CBC, health care, the CPP, public pensions and other public programs because we just don’t have the money.

If we do ONE THING over the course of the next 4 years (and onwards) it will be to consolidate our media resources and find ways to break the Con media machine so that the truth can materialize.  If we don’t, welcome to Canada’s new dictatorship.

MayDay 2011: 4 Years is Just the Beginning

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I love reading all of the various prog blogs where people continue to be expecting that at the end of 4 years, the Conservative Party of Canada will cease to be interested in running Canada and that this will be when progressives will once again reign true and set Canada back on its course.

They’re so f-ing naive it makes me want to gag.

Let’s accept this:  4 years is just the beginning.  And those years will be the easy part.

I have expectations now that my 7-year old son will be in the streets in a decade or so protesting the dictatorial status of his holiness.

In 2015, the Liberals probably won’t even exist and we’ll be buried with anti-NDP, Jack ‘rub and tug’ ads and all kinds of other dirty tricks to the point that we’ll be willing to throw our grandmothers in front of a train before being so bold as to think a progressive thought when we enter the polling station.

The propaganda will be so intense, so overwhelming and so unavoidable that the number of people turning away from media will be at unprecedented levels.

Let’s flash forward to now.

Within a couple of weeks, I’m optimistic that those who really care about this country will put down their pens and wipe screens and start talking with each other about how to get our country back.

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MayDay 2011: Yer Blues, Orange Crush and RIP LPC

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Oy … where to start.

I feel like I have the worst hangover, but that’s really because my body can’t handle staying up past double-digits any more.  A 12:30AM bed time will leave me feeling it for days.

Continuing with this sentiment, my mind is still foggy from the nightmare that I witnessed last night along with millions of other Canadians that were hoping for real change in this country.

Of course, this is what we got.  And not.

I was hopeful that the NDP and Liberals would win enough seat to form a majority.

But here we are.

The Conservatives have their majority.  I have Yer Blues, along with the 30 million other Canadians who didn’t vote for the Conservatives.

The NDP have won more than 100 seats, 15-20 more than even many insiders could have hoped for.  Let’s hope for PR.

The Greens have a seat.  Let’s hope for PR.

The Bloc is dead.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come back.

It’s the Liberals that I take issue with.  These people still pretend that they couldn’t see it coming.  Well, we all did, so why couldn’t you?

The LPC is on the table, barely breathing.  With the death of the Liberals, Stephen Harper will finally get his second wish, which is the complete annihilation of his longest competitor.  Those Liberals who don’t think you’re dead, take a long, hard look in the mirror and tell me that again and let’s see how you feel after the election in Ontario, where you’ll also get pounded.

It’s time that the Liberal Party of Canada accepted its fate and find ways to work with either the Conservatives or the NDP.  This wishy-washy middle-of-the road distraction will pretty much guarantee that the Cons will lead this country as long as the fantasy of ‘centre-left’ continues.

Here’s some simple advice.  Take it or leave it.

  • Accept your fate.
  • Support PR.
  • Elect your leaders, don’t appoint them.
  • Crowd-source your platform.  Start with Wiki.

As for me, all of my efforts with this blog will be marginalized over the coming months because I’m feeling very low, but I know I’ll eventually feel rejuvenated by friends and peers around me who want to see a bright future for Canada.

Even though we will have to wait four years for this to happen, we’ll also have four years to organize ourselves into a formidable force that will knock the Cons flat on their asses in 2015.

In the interim, I’ll leave you with the words of Ron Sexsmith, All In Good Time:

It all seems so obvious now
When I look back over my life
There were times that I really felt down
To think it passed me by

But in these hours of serious doubt
Through the coal black lonely night
Something told me, “it’ll work out”
Something deep inside
Was comforting me

All in good time
All in good time
It said all in good time
The bad times will be gone

“Hold your horses”, a willow tree cried
While the sun called to me, “where’s the fire?”
“Run your course my feverish child,”
Came a voice from even higher
Inspiring me

All in good time
All in good time
It said all in good time

We rise and fall
We try and fail
And people may judge us
But angels know us darling
All in good time

It all seems so obvious now
When I look back over my life
There’s a need for sorrow and doubt
For darkness and for light
It’s how it must be

All in good time
All in good time
It said all in good time
All in good time
The bad time will be gone

Thanks Ron.

MayDay 2011: The Last 24 Hours

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I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

There’s still so much that I would love to expose about the lies Stephen Harper has been telling over the last 6 weeks (and decade or so as well), but I won’t.  There are so many projections, ideas, concepts and so on that I’d love to explore, but I’ve run out of time … and energy.

As the last 24 hours tick down, I’d like to thank all of the readers that have put up with my rants and who have contributed to the blog over the course of the election (and prior to this as well as those who might even continue to hang on).

I also want to beg everyone that has the slightest desire to push Canada into a sustainable future to VOTE.  Progressives outweigh conservatives in this country by a margin of at least 2 to 1, and it’s critical that you vote, vote strategically and vote early on because it’s going to be crowded!

Finally, I’d like to apologize to Stephen Harper for many direct and personal attacks and for insinuations that the Conservative Party of Canada is not a viable option in this election.  But hey … as long as you remain the lying politician that you are and members of your cabinet and other MPs remain suspect in their dealings with Canadian funds and the trust of voters, I’ll keep it up and completely retract anything I’ve said if I’m proven wrong.

Until then, I’ll remind all readers why we’re having this election:  YOU CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

In time, I’ll recover from this election and return to writing fiction and discussing my preferences, which are trashing mainstream media and crapping on poor economic policies that we take.

My expectation is that after tomorrow night, the latter will take a backseat because WE WILL WIN.

We will win this election.

We will win Canada back.

We will win the democracy and leadership that we expect from our politicians.

We will win back what we as citizens, taxpayers, children, grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts and all other relations deserve to win.

We will win our future.

We will win our internationally credibility.

We will win a clean and safe environment.


P.S.  My prediction for the election outcome is that we will elect an NDP minority government that’s a coalition with the Liberal Party.  My guess is that we’ll have about 110 NDP seats with 40 Liberal seats.  The Conservatives will be left with about 120 seats, most of which will come from Ontario and Alberta.  30 or so seats will be up for grabs.  The Bloc will be devastated, but might squeak out 15-20 seats.

As the fallout from the election sinks in, Gilles Duceppe, Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff will announce their retirement from their parties.

Elizabeth May will retire if she doesn’t win, but I am confident that the good people in Saanich-Gulf Islands will make the right decision for all of Canada and elect someone that will push for Proportional Representation and democratic reform in Canada.