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Global Research ‘2011 Year of the Dupe’: An Awesome Read

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Global Research has released their 2011 Year of the Dupe article and it’s well worth reading for anyone that wants to know about what really happened in 2011.

The essence of the article addresses America’s expansion around the world and extension of hegemonic corporate powers universally.

It explores the deceit that’s being used to fool us into believing that a revolution is happening worldwide, while it also exposes the abyssmal coverage of the #occupy movement that occurred in North America and elsewhere.

Go ahead.  Click through, print off and grab a coffee and enjoy some truth for the holidays!

Canadian Press Sucks Up to Harper as ‘2011 Story of Year’

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Canadian Press has issued a blatant round of sucking up by declaring that Stephen Harper and his majority win in the federal election in May 2011 was ‘the story of the year’ (sadly reported by the CBC).

Yes, it was an important story as a record number of Canadians declined to exercise their most important right – the right to vote – and allowed the Harper cons to take over Canadian politics in an absolute way.

However, what was more important to Canadian Press – a ‘news’ agency that is privately owned by three of Canada’s largest media companies (Bell, TorStar and Square Victoria Corporation (SVC)) – is that the Harper regime spent hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars on propoghanda campaigns including the ‘Action Plan’, Department of Defense recruiting and other federal advertising.

Of course, 2011 got even better for them because Harper cajoled the opposition parties into an election and turned around and blamed them for being power hungry.  Really?  No irony in that statement?

The resulting election was another pile of cash thrown at all of the major media companies by ALL of the major political parties (including the NDP).

Net impact for Bell, TorStar and SVC:  mega profits at the expense of Canadians.

No wonder they were quick to trip over themselves to declare that 2011 was the Year of Harper.  In fact, I’d suggest it’s all part of the plan.

When is our fricking independent media going to get organized and call BS on this kind of crap?

Proposed Public School Class: Independent Living

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Independent living.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

My kid has just recently entered public school and this is my (initial) way of getting involved.  Offering ideas.

‘Independent living’ would basically teach all of our kids everything they need to know in order to survive in today’s world.

Yes, we’re supposed to impart that with basic classes like math, reading and even music, but the vision on this is a little more complicated.

Independent living would encapsulate all of those little things that you do every day and teach you how to approach them and control them.

When the format existed, I’d throw in stuff like the following:

  • Home economics
  • Woodworking/shop
  • Electronics
  • Social sciences / political sciences

I’d add some other basic course elements like the following:

  • Early years:  tying your shoes so you don’t have to get those shitty velcro things all the time, learning your phone number, knowing who to call in an emergency, media studies, ‘kids in my shoes’ (kids would be taught about what kids around the world their age are doing, especially making shitty velcro shoes) and being made aware that everything we do has an impact on someone else (there is no such thing as two willing economic participants in this world’s corporatocracy)
  • Mid years:  health and your body (yes, you prudes, that includes information about sexual awareness and important rules concerning etiqutte when it comes to other pervs trying to take advantage of you), volunteer work, supporting your community, universality of religion & myth & customs
  • Later years:  mock UN, local municipal planning and voting issues, environment and economics, how to start a charity (or raise money without selling junk food on gullible parents), getting an apartment, responsibilities with driving, financial planning & budgeting, travel issues, getting a passport, starting a business, etc

All too often, we make this assumption that it’s OK to leave our kids with a ‘sink or swim’ attitude as they go through and exit public school, but we need to ask ourselves why.

I know a lot of teachers actually cover a lot of this stuff if they’re ambitious and haven’t given in to the demands to generate robots year after year that are good at one thing:  doing monotonous tasks over and over again.  But why aren’t we doing our best to make sure that there’s a formal structure to learning about the world around us?

Maybe I’m just being naive, but I’d love to see this kind of evolution in our public school system so that we can break the cycle of graduating kids who know less than they should about the world around them.

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Excited Delirium News Updates

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East Grand Rapids offers $100001 to settle lawsuit with Tasered
He died of a rare case of excited delirium syndrome, or acute exhaustive mania, the pathologist ruled. In a federal lawsuit filed in October, relatives of
Former deputy arrested
Charleston Post Courier
Black died at a hospital from “excited delirium syndrome” that the Charleston County Coroner’s Office attributed to cocaine use.

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Happy Solstice

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Happy Solstice to all those who read this blog!

These are the days when the hours of sun begin to exceed the night.

These are the days that all walks of life celebrated because it meant that farming, food and sustenance would return to their tables soon.

These are the days that the organized religions of the world copied so that it would be easier to assimilate people into their folds.

These are the days when we look forward to health and happiness, despite the crooked paths our leaders are taking us on.

Again, thank you for reading this blog.

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