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Did Andrew Scheer Break the Law?

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Sure, Trudeau did some awful things.

And then he acted like an adult and apologized.

Scheer has made a number of reprehensible statements and has yet to apologize. Is he hiding something? As Montreal Simon suggests, did he spend too much time doing a deep dive with control maniacs Opus Dei?

We found out yesterday that Andrew Scheer has been lying about his background and experience in the insurance industry. He was never a registered broker and yet his resume and profile information announce that he was.

According to Saskatchewan law (Insurance Act),

no person shall hold himself out as an agent —or as a salesman of an agent— unless he is the holder of a subsisting licence under this act, … Every person who contravenes any provision of this act is guilty of an offence.

Andrew Scheer is being dishonest with his resume info.

Now he also seems to have broken the law.

The big question: WHY? Why lie about something so mundane? Are you trying to pretend you’re something you’re not?

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Scheer’s Ties to Racist Roots Run Deep (and Seem Deeper Every Day)

Thank you to The Walrus for running this story about Andrew Scheer’s racist cabal of supporters. We are reminded about Hamish Marshall,

a corporate director of the Rebel and a long-time Ezra Levant ally. Marshall’s newest gig, announced this week, is campaign manager for the federal Conservative Party. Andrew Scheer bestowed the honour on Marshall after Marshall helped propel the Saskatchewan MP to the position of leader for the second-place party this summer.

But Scheer is already being dogged with questions about the appropriateness of tapping a man so close to the Rebel’s death star. When the questions popped up again this week, Scheer had a less-than-confident answer.

“I didn’t ask Hamish about every client he had,” Scheer said in response to a question from the Globe and Mail. “He has a variety of clients. He’s a small-business owner himself, and I asked him to do a job and he helped me out on my campaign.”

Andrew Scheer: surrounding yourself with known racists is only going to backfire on you.

Canadians: take note. Being mad at the Liberals for some of the issues fueled mostly by right-wing media like the National Post is fair, but voting for Scheer when we all know his skeletons in the closet are alive and well makes me wonder if we’re qualified to vote.

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Of course, I’m just mimicking the annoying click-bait headlines used by certain others, especially those that really shouldn’t be on Progressive Bloggers.
Inflammatory headlines drawn to get our attention ultimately get us nowhere.
And yes, I think he should quit. Why? Because at least Justin Trudeau had the intelligence and compassion to acknowledge his mistake and apologize.
OK … he made several mistakes. I know. I feel like a putz for making excuses for this kind of action because no one should be doing stuff like this, even in 2001.
Let’s not forget that this was a sanctioned event.
That said, in 2013, Johnny Depp acted as a First Nations person in the movie Lone Ranger. Many others have made similar ‘career choices’.
Who knows if he’s proud of the role, but I’ll suggest that as recently as a few years ago, people made mistakes. And don’t forget that this was a movie endorsed by society at large with box office numbers and support from the community at large.
On a personal level and in my own lifetime, I’ve posed in pictures with a bong (before pot was legal), worn black face as part of a university-sanctioned event (1991) and even got thrown in jail one night for doing really stupid things with a toy gun. There are other skeletons in my closet. I’m not proud of any of them, but I’ve moved on.
And I still might make a mistake or two that I’ll come to regret in the future. But the key difference between me, Trudeau and millions of other people is that they change.
The rest of country should as well in the case of Justin Trudeau.
We change. We evolve. We become better people if we want to.
I believe that Justin Trudeau has made this change.
BUT … where’s Scheer in all of this?
Sheer continues to respond saying Trudeau is a hypocrite.
Really Scheer?  Says the candidate:
“As long as someone takes responsibility for what they’ve said, and addresses the fact that in 2019 some things that may have been said in the past are inappropriate today, that if anything that they’ve ever said in the past caused any type of hurt or disrespect to one community or another and have apologized for that, I accept that,” Scheer said to reporters during an overnight flight on his campaign plane from Ottawa to Vancouver. 
Hypocrite indeed.
Scheer has made statements about different communities that are substantially more  abhorrent and unacceptable.
Image result for andrew scheer quote about apology
Quit Scheer. You should resign for saying this, even if you do apologize.
Or Andrew Scheer posing with now-banned racist and hate-monger Faith Goldy, Sons of Odin and other anti-immigrant politicos.
Image result for andrew scheer faith goldy
Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it’s an embarrassment to those that support the Conservatives to say that an intensely pro-immigrant party (the Liberals) would be racist.
It just makes NO sense.

What do I REALLY want to know from all of this?

  • Why were the pictures not released in 2001? (I know why … Justin Trudeau wasn’t perceived as being a threat)
  • Why were they released just now and not even shortly after he was elected?
  • MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who released this? What’s their agenda? Why did they sit on this for so long?

These are the ‘gotcha’ politics and questions that I’d like to see play out in the coming weeks. These are REAL questions that matter and if we fail to address them, we fail our democracy.

And if Andrew Scheer wins the October election, he will join the growing cabal of accidental leaders like Trump, Boris Johnson, Jason Kenney and Doug Ford that are destroying this planet.
We can’t let that happen.
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Why Urban Design and Planning Should Be THE Federal Election Issue

Image result for canada primary sources of carbon emissions
As you can see from the image above, the single largest source of greenhouse gas / carbon emissions in Canada – 20% – originate from CARS. Personal transportation, short trips on long roads.  Oodles of idling.
This is the same for the US. And other countries.
And yet sprawl continues. And we continue to sit in cars bitching about a couple of cents being added to gas prices.  And, truth be told, folks like me still want to blame the bitumen producers for all of the carbon (which, of course, is still substantial for a single industry!).
Once you take a moment to absorb this data, it becomes clear that we design our cities like hourglasses: too much sand is trying to get through a single, small entry point (ie. a downtown core), wasting valuable time and resources in the process.
Obviously, there are about a dozen easy policy considerations that we should be talking about and NOT the colour of anyone’s face, especially if they apologized in a genuine fashion.
Urban design rarely comes up in election campaign promises, but smatterings of the details do. Here’s a checklist of ideas related to urban design:
  • Nationally mandated design principles for roads, including a substantial amount of research and resources going into making better roads in place of existing bitumen/tar/gravel pot-hole generators.
  • Road design to include mandatory considerations for cycling and pedestrian traffic that are NOT simply adjuncts of roads. I am sick of fighting cars when cycling, trying to gain an inch or two of messy gravel shoulders when those around me in their cars gripe about what a pain I am.
  • House design that would ensure off-grid (or close to it) properties, such as gas/heating, electrical and water independence and extra taxes applied for monster garages. R-2000? Why not R-5000? Why not research and explore new materials that will be climate change friendly as opposed to continuing to build the same old ‘water mops’ that we allow in the suburbs?
  • Community independence and logical intensification. Focus on ways to minimize the need for people to get in their cars, drive 10km, park in giant parking lots and spend vast sums of money at international big-box stores.
  • Land use restrictions. Limit the amount of land – especially quality farm land that other countries would kill to possess – used for development. Implement ‘Agricultural Land Use’ and ‘Communal Park’ restrictions in many urban areas.
  • A parking tax levied on developers. Not applicable to qualifying downtown areas. Applicable mainly towards empty parking lots in the suburbs.
  • No more tax-free consideration for religious buildings. Phase out over time.
  • Mandate the integration of certain residential, commercial and farming uses for land as opposed to putting them in, pardon the pun, silos.
  • Farming, food policy and land-use requirements that look more like the EU standards of origin vs the mess we have now. By the way, did you know that your cheap ‘International blend’ wine is likely from China and not Canada, as they pretend it is?
  • Minimum public transit construction requirements. I’ve gone over this before. Any city larger than a certain population (eg. 500,000) will be legally required to continuously build efficient public transit services (ie. subways and independent LRT routes). No more buses that just add to congestion, please.
  • Develop nodes of high tech infrastructure that will encourage people to commute less and communicate more.
  • Massive subsidies to electric vehicles, especially those made in Canada.
For the record, I’m not a qualified urban planner or municipal worker, but as you can see, off the top of my head, I came up with at least a dozen recommendations that would help restructure our country’s pitiful public infrastructure.
If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, we have to get out of our cars.
It’s that simple.
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Doug Ford: Foreshadowing Andrew Scheer Conservatives

Want to know what’s coming down the pipe if Andrew Scheer gets his grubby mitts on the Prime Minister’s Office?

How about those labels that no one likes, using taxpayer funds to promote stupidity about climate change across the province of Ontario?

Picture that on a national scale.

Or this latest story about how Doug Ford was seen at the opening of a private American Catholic school in Niagara.

It’s sickening. What an abhorrent waste of taxpayer funds and government services.

My kid’s classes are going to peak to as high as 40 students per room, but Doug Ford could care less.

Let’s hope the ‘buck a beer’ crowd start to understand that the Conservatives – federal or provincial – don’t give a shit about them and just want to steal their vote.

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